Zion Inc was a business formed in the Mustafarian city of Zion. The company built the Mustafar Orbital Shipyards complex.


The business was formed as Zion Shipyards and Researching Inc, by Nicholas Phillios-Braeden under the authority of the Grand Sith Alliance. They were partnered with Kane's Engineering Yard and Zion Mining Corporation, working from the same HQ as the latter. They used the ore from Mustafar and Nal Hutta to produce their products. During the early days of the business, they were represented by the Baahl. At the time, MX Corp was a branch of Zion Inc. which was also based on Mustafar, and dealt with cloning.

Mustafarian TakeoverEdit

When Mustafar was attacked and taken over by the Imperial Remnant. Zion Inc and its assets were seeming captured at the same time.


After a time, the new business owners became neglectful of the business, and left its Mustafar Orbital Shipyards abandoned. When representatives of the Night Jedi Order arrived at Mustafar to negotiate purchases, they found the main offices deserted. They soon sprang into action, taking control of the shipyards, leaving Zion Inc without its main production capabilities.


Once they had realised their mistake, the owners rebuilt the shipyards in orbit of Taris.


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The company specialised in ship creation, weapons manufacture, researching new classes of ship weapons, battle armor, and combat weapons. The research division also delved into viral weaponry.