Zalor Anneri's lightsaber was a special lightsaber given to him by his grandfather, Barask Anneri. It is Zalor's trademark.

The lightsaber was built approximately 20 years before Zalor's birth. Barask, believing that he was the Chosen One of the Jedi, found a special Solari crystal that bonded to its user. The crystal was said to be the most powerful lightsaber crystal found in decades. When Barask fell to the dark side on Korriban, he found that he could no longer use it, and instead gave it to his daughter, Erris, to give it to her son Zalor, knowing that if he could not use it, one of his descendants could.

Zalor was one of the first Padawans since Luke Skywalker to have owned a lightsaber prior to his initial training, as he was instructed by Barask to take it from his home after it had been destroyed by Darth Zulataan's men, and to bring it with him to Dantooine.

The crystal itself gives off a green hue, so that the lightsaber blade itself is always green. On the bottom of the hilt is the Anneri family crest, a tree with a lightsaber in the middle of it.