Yoggoy was a planet in the Unknown Regions. It was covered in mounds similar to the Castle Lands, with flowers imported from Alderaan. The Tachyon Flier crashed on Yoggoy in 27 ABY. It was home to the Killiks of the Yoggoy hive and capital of the Colony.


" We are the Hive. Resistance in futile. Surrender at once and your lives will be spared."
―Killiks warriors
Slaughter on YoggoyEdit

During a trade run, a South Corulag Trading Company shuttle picked up a strange signal originating from the planet of Yoggoy. The shuttle decided to investigate the strange signal and what they saw was a gruesome sight. A large landmass had collapsed and out from the hole came a multitude of droids that started slaying the local killik population. The shuttle reported back to Zor Kelborn, the governor of Tasjon and Supreme General of the Echani Coalition. He decided to send aid to the killiks, an aid consisting of 5,000 Echani Riflemen and the 250 Firedancers lead by Master General Maraya. However, when the Army of the Echani Coalition arrived to the scene the droids were already taken care of by the local government, the Tau Empire. Relieved by this the army got the order to pack up and head back to Corulag but before they managed to do so the Tau Empire forces, lead by E'thinaga moved in and attacked the echani soldiers. Although Lord Umbra tried to explain why they had come and urged the Tau Empire to stop their assault they would not. Master General Maraya and the echani army, very much outnumbered, was forced to move into the caves below the surface and there they were all slaughtered. Lord Umbra stepped in and declared that the Echani Coalition surrendered as long as the Tau Empire would not attack Echani Coalition supreme territory. However, the fight that Master General Maraya and his fine soldiers put up impressedn E'thinaga and the Tau Empire. This would prove usefull in the future. A monument of the battle war created on Tasjon in the main square featuring a five meter long statue of Master General Maraya.

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