Yellow group was a group of Night Jedi fighters used during the Iron Fists War. It was crewed by Night Jedi themselves, ranking from Night Lords, through Night Journeymen, and even some Apprentices


The unit was created specially for the Iron Fists War, and was comprised of an assortment of spare fights grouped under a single banner.It was decided by Patriarch Jobie Wan Kenobi that this group should be flown by the Night Jedi pilots and that he would fly alongside them.

During the Battle of Manaan, Yellow group participated in several dogfights; first, before the destruction of the Gaerwn-class Space Stations, alongside the X-Wings of Red Group, and then later, after the A-Wings had separated off for other duties, against the enemy fighters defending against the VSDII Reliant. They took several casualties in these encounters, and during the battle were reassigned as part of Beta Squadron.


Also in the group, as yet unnamed Night Jedi flew the following: