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Xarl Lah

Xarl Lah was born to the Domain Lah of the Warrior caste. During the reborn Praetorite Vong's initial expansion he served in the killik slave raids on Yoggoy and the human colonist raids on Ammuud. A ruthless desire for combat and a complete lack of fear quickly saw him risen to the rank of Subaltern. He would later serve the Praetorite by investigating a derelict freighter in the Deep Core prophesized to possess and ancient Yuuzhan Vong relic. The prophecy later proved false, which set Xarl on a path to return to the Unknown Regions. Along the way he came under attack and was forced to set down on the desert world of Tatooine. There he assisted a tribe of tusken raiders known as the R'Crurak clan in the bloody conflict that came to be known as the Tusken Civil War.