X2-C4 "Boomer"

X2-C4, affectionately referred to as Boomer, was an X2-series imperial astromech droid that belonged to the Famine Lord. Originally the droid served upon the Imperial vessel "Marauder" during the height of the Sith Empire. During a conflict between Republic and Imperial forces, the ship crash landed on Kinyen. The entire crew was killed in the crash with the exception of X2, who only escaped unscathed due to the fact that he was trapped in a supply closet near the most heavily armoured part of the ship at the time. The astromech managed to remain active for the next two days until he eventually ran out of power and went into shutdown mode for several centuries. Some time after the events of the Galactic Civil War, Dragus and his bodyguard Krell came upon the ruins of the Marauder and found X2 still trapped with the supply closet. After reactivating the droid, the Famine Lord programmed it to serve as his personal astromech. Nowadays it can be found aboard the Grimblade.

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