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The X-7 Ion/Plasma Turret

The X-7 Ion/Plasma Turret utilizes two separate technologies, first it would build up the power to fire the red plasma, once the plasma was ready to fire; the ion charge (on the four points around the plasma barrels) would fire first in order to disable the vessel. Then the plasma is fired ripping its way through the shields and boiling away armor. It was unable to bypass shields unlike the main weapons of the Aggressor-Class Destroyer. The X-7 Ion/Plasma Turret could be installed to replace any Octuple Barbette heavy turbolaser and drained nearly twice the amount of energy with one shot. (i.e. if you have 10 Octuple Barbette heavy turbolasers you could replace them with 5 X-7 Ion/Plasma turrets)

The Ion complement was only effective against vessels that had not been shielded against the effects of an ion blast. However EMP hardened devices were still susceptible to the ion blast. If it was found that the ion blast was noneffective they could be powered down, decreasing the power demand for each salvo. Greatly reducing the recharge time.

Product InformationEdit



  • Ranged [Energy]


Material used:


90,000 credits

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