The Wolf Class Omni Fighter was patented by CEC.


Think of an X wing fuselage, then make the cockpit a bit closer, R Droid behind it. Sticking out of the fuselage are two canards. The wings are fixed and mounted behind the r series droid. They are rear facing, but connecting them to the tail are a pair of smaller wings. The engines are recessed into the tail portion right behindthe R series droid. A rhombus shaped tail sits directly on top of the engines. Length 12 meters, wingspan


(It is an Omnifighter which means it's weapons and armements can always be reconfigured. However the standard versions include)


(4) Laser Cannons

(2) Proton Torpedo Launchers (with 6 missiles in each)


(2) Laser Cannons

(Enhanced Speed: Interceptor Variant)


(2) Laser Cannons

(4) Proton Torpedo Launchers (With 6 missiles in each)

(Slower speed, enhanced Shields: Bomber Variant)


(6) Proton Torpedo Launchers (with 6 Missiles in each)

(1) Light Blaster Cannon

(Slower speed, Lesser shields: Heavy Bomber Variant)


(2) Ion Cannons

(2) Laser Cannons

(Enhanced Speed: Light Fighter Variant)


(2) Short Range Missile Launchers 6 Shot(120 Short Range Missiles in each)

(2) Laser Cannons

(Enhanced Shields: Air to Ground Variant)


(2) Laser Cannons

(Enhanced Sensors, Enhanced Engines, Enhanced Shields: Scout Variant)


(2) Sublight Ion engines

(1) Hyperdrive : 1.0 Class

--> Max Speed in Atmosphere: 1,500 kp/h

Crew (1 Minimum)

(1) Pilot

(1) Astronomech Droid


- Capacity: 250 Kg

- Consumables: 4 days


- Deflector shield generator

- Stealth Armor

- Cloaking device

- Aft facing Flare launcher

It is tremendously manuaverable in space and the air. It is fast and can be reconfigured for a vareity of missions. Weapons, gear, systems, can all be switched out very easily.

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