The Whills are the administrators and moderators of the Jedi vs Sith RP. They are the authors of the Natural Laws.

Authority Edit

While standard policy calls for RPers to work disputed situations out on their own, they can if need be ask a Whill to mediate. Decisions made by a Whill in such situations are binding.

In addition, the Whills, as the admins of the RP, have the authority to ban RPers in extreme cases but generally consider this to be an absolute last resort.

Whills have also used their power to enforce new limits on fleet, and ground forces that may be used in battles. Often, the Whills will seek general consensus from RPers, however, they have the right to ignore the wishes of the RPers, as their rules are binding.


In version 1.0, there was one defined Whill, who was known as Kulu Ngile. Kulu, saw within the first months of the RP, the need for a neutral group which could showcase who owned which planet, The Galactic Directory. Then he featured a group which showed all of the RP's businesses, The Galactic Market. In time, Kulu was seen as a moderator, and as the man who defined who owned what planets. However, he was often busy having to make changes to who owned what planets, and thus, pulled in a few apprentices to his job, in order to help keep things running smoothly. In time, Kulu, along with the general agreement of several players, developed the Galactic Fleet Authority, which was the beginning of moderation efforts against godmoding in fleet battles. There were attempts at a Galactic Army Authority, however it was never sanctioned at the time, nor very liked by many players, as the GAA tried to use a points system.

With the release of version 1.5, there were several moderators, and the original administrators, and creators of JvS who got involved in making rules, and other developments to the game. There are three classifications of Whills, the lowest echelon being rated as a one star, who assist in moderating, and forum/topic creation. The second class, the Whill Shamans, feature two stars, and are responsible for various other tasks, such as administering the one star Whills, and coding improvements to the site. The third class is defined with three stars, and is styled as "Whill High Shaman Name". These are seen as the most authoritative figures, and to be thought as the supreme law of the land. They are the creators of the Jedi Vs Sith website, and are responsible for the payment and upkeep of the site.

Another rank exists for those Whills who have retired. These are known as Celestials.



Whill High ShamanEdit

Whill ShamanEdit


  • Felix
  • Artemis
  • Gotrek
  • Anubis
  • Zauriel
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