Jedi vs Sith Wiki is not Wookieepedia, for role playing, or yours.

This wiki is a wiki for documenting, and showcasing fanon items in Jedi vs Sith. However, users need to understand what Jedi vs Sith Wiki is not, as defined on this page.

Jedi vs Sith Wiki is not Edit

Wookieepedia Edit

This wiki describes fanon creations. Just as the Universe does not allow canon characters to be roleplayed, this wiki avoids canon articles. Where apropriate, you should link to Wookieepedia for canon articles.

Articles about canon locations used in JvS should have limited canon material and facts, as the focus of the article should be kept on the fanon aspects of the topic. Users should avoid creating multiple articles on canon characters or events, though if the creation of such an article is needed then it is expected that a link will be included in the “See also” section to the canon article on Wookieepedia.

For actual role playing Edit

Jedi vs Sith wiki is meant to be an encyclopedia. Therefore, the Wiki is meant only to document information about characters, organizations, weapons, or anything else related to JvS in an encyclopedic fashion. No role-playing actually takes place here.

Also, articles about characters, or anything else for that matter, should not be thought of as a role-playing profile. Articles on this Wiki are meant to be written from a neutral perspective without any point of view rather than in the format of a role-playing profile.

Yours Edit

All articles posted on this wiki are published under the GFDL license, which verifies that the content is under fair use and attributed to the author, or it is published under the Creative Commons license, which releases original content into the public domain, thereby making it subject to redistribution and editing if not for profit. You cannot use any form of legal justification for forbidding others to edit your articles because, quite simply, there is no legal justification.

Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.