Full Name: Vitrian Kileti

Other names: "The Invisible Man"

Rank (military): Brigadier General

Species: near-Human (Tilani)

Little is known about Kileti's past save that at some point, he served as a hand-to-hand combat instructor under the Galactic Empire but resigned from Imperial service due to the xenophobic ideals of the Emperor's New Order. He spent an unknown number of years in the employ of Talon Karrde's organization before striking out on his own and attempting, with some moderat success, to form an independent mercenary group of his own. This group, known as the Phantoms, carried out multiple missions during the Yuuzhan Vong War but in the end broke up due to supply problems and nearly ninety percent casualties; the remnants were eventually recruited into the Osarian Guard. Kileti would first command a platoon of infiltration commandos in the Guard's Lana Company, rising to command the company itself and eventually, the Guard's ground forces as a whole.

Kileti earned the nickname 'The Invisible Man' as a result of his ability to blend into nearly any human or near-human population. He is an adept actor, able to take on a wide variety of mannerisms, and his appearance is so unremarkable as to be almost indescribable. He is of average height and average build, and his hair color, eye color, and even skin tone are capable of changing at will.

He was a Scion of the Bratstvo Svobodii during the JvS timeline.

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