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[17-19 years] Dark jedi

The Early Years Edit

Vincent grew up on the smugglers moon of Nar Shaddaa, abandoned and to live alone. It took him a few years but he got around learning new things such as smuggling, killing and playing his favourite game Pazakk...that is when his reputation on that planet began to grow. He was only 14 when he started to win at the game then became a pro at 15, somehow... he knew the cards and when people cheated he did not bother with them, he would still win. Turning 18 he had left Nar Shaddaa after finding out his force capabilities, he could only have a weak sense of it within him and could not use it well. He joined the jedi and used their teachings..but the jedi did not focus on him as much as he wanted to but they kept an eye on him sensing a tremendous amount of midichlorians within him. They knew the skywalker family was strong in the force so the jedi thought it was normal for him but compared to others it is not normal. Vincent left the jedi without a word taking all of his stuff and went scouting the galaxy. Now he is 19 years of age he is only 3 weeks in of being dark jedi, he trained alot until he was tired at the end of the day striving to be accepted into the Ronove order. \\


Vincent [23 yr old] Sith