Vibrosaw stave

Vibrosaw Stave

A Vibrosaw Stave was a weapon designed by the Machine Lord, Commodore Starkiller. After witnessing the effectiveness of a vibrosaw against organic opponents, the war droid decided to craft a variant of his own that was more suitable for his preferred style of melee combat. The result was essentially two individual vibrosaws connected at the hilt, roughly three meters in length from one vibrosaw end to the other. Each vibrosaw was capable of acting independent from the other, and the hilt could actually be disconnected at the center if the Machine Lord so chose. Although the weapon was most effective against organic targets, the quadanium steel used for the stave's teeth allowed it to cut through durasteel, making it effective against most droids as well. It was however prone to the same weaknesses as most vibrosonic weaponry. An electrical current could cause its vibrosonic generator to explode, although in doing so the weapon would become a fragmentation grenade due to its numerous serrated edges. Because of the length and industrial mechanisms within the weapon it was too heavy for an average humanoid to wield.