I've seen things many people have seen, and i've seen things no one else ever will. I hold secrets of this galaxy that many mortals could never comprehend. - Kom'rk speaking to his first Sith Master, Darth Sullen

Kom'rks history is colorful to say the least. Sufficed to say it's surprising that he has lasted these many years. He's seen the fall of a Republic, rise and fall of an Empire, the rebirth of the Republic, the invasion of the galaxy by an aggressive alien race, and so on. Born to a Mandalorian mother, and Corellian Jedi father, Kom'rk has tried to forget the years past, years that were filled with darkness, sadness, pain and loss. He's seen and experience all spectrums of life, and all sides of the Force, including ones no one else but a very select few have...

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