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|Box title = Valin Skywalker
|Row 1 title = Homeworld
|Row 1 info = [[Coruscant]]
|Row 2 title = Born
|Row 2 info = 80 ABY
|Row 3 title = Species
|Row 3 info = Human-Stenax Hybrid
|Row 4 title = Gender
|Row 4 info = Male
|Row 5 title = Height
|Row 5 info = 2.35 m (7 ft 8.5 in)
|Row 6 title = Hair color
|Row 6 info = None, formerly blond
|Row 7 title = Eye color
|Row 7 info = Entirely black, formerly green
|Row 8 title = Affiliation
|Row 8 info = [[starwars:Jedi Order|Jedi Order]] (as Valin Skywalker)
[[Order of the Sith Lords]] (as Darth Animus)
[[Phoenix Imperium]](as Darth Animus)
|Row 9 title = Known masters
|Row 9 info = Ben Skywalker (Jedi Master)
[[Matar Lyndruss]] (Sith Master)
Darth Bane (Sith Master)
Exar Kun (Sith Master)
|Row 10 title = Known apprentices
|Row 10 info = Gavan Navillus (Sith Apprentice)
Will finish when I know how this thing works......
[[Category:Sith Lord]]

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