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Human (possibly hybrid)





Hair color

Short, Purple

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Night Jedi

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Basic InformationEdit

Sex/Species: Female/Human?
Home Planet: Naboo
Height: 5'9"
Age: 20
Description: Short hair, dyed purple. Pointed ears, light blue eyes, pale skin.


She was raised in Naboo by her parents and with three brothers. At the age of 5 her parents hired a private tutor for her and her brothers to teach them the ways of the Jedi and Sith. She showed the most talent of the four, and soon was the sole pupil. Angrod [the teacher] brainwashed Valiana into doing whatever he wished. His training was sloppy at best, so though she could use the force, it wasn't very good. Her emotions, if they were too unstable, would stop the flow of the force. She never learned to meditate or to properly channel the force to what she was doing. When she was 15, they left on what Angrod called her 'Training Journey' They travelled to many planets, and Angrod had her assassinate men, women, and children for either monetary reasons, or just because he wished to see them die. Three years later she ran away after a particularly gory bloodbath Angrod had her execute. She travelled to Tatooine were she learned the art of bounty hunting. She was in that for for a year before she became tired of the senseless killing for money. She bought herself a battered up X-Wing and travelled the Galaxy.

She came upon Endor and made friends with some of the people there, but her happiness was short lived. Angrod found her again and using his control that he had over her before, convinced her that if she didn't come back to him now, he would come to her and kill all that she held dear. Not wanting to let that happen, she immediately set out and met him on Dagobah. He underestimated his control over her, and she fought and killed him. When she did, as a last blow, he released all his memories and power to her. Now she has power that she doesn't know what to do with, and memories and feelings that are almost too much to control.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Valiana's name means 'Ruby'. Ruby was also used as her surname for her Facebook account, although it is unknown whether Ruby is in fact her surname.

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