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Attacking the Night Jedi[]

First encounter[]

Main Article: Lucrehulk Encounter Valerian took the Shadownova to the Forest Moon of Endor, where he attempted to sneak past the defending craft with a cloak. However, when he reached the atmosphere, the ship pushing through the air created pressure waves which the Night Jedi detected, and investigated. Four Night Jedi X-Wings, of Iota Flight flew toward the Shadownova, and fired upon it, causing Valerian to launch Vultures to intercept. The Night Jedi fighters were captured, and taken to the surface.

Outpost Attack[]

Valerian landed forces, and led an attack on the Night Jedi's Endor Research Outpost. Meanwhile, a battle was also in progress in orbit; Valerian's ships exchanging fire with the Night Jedi.


Valerian fled in a fighter craft, which was shot down by the Night Jedi. The Night Jedi went to the crash site, taking Valerian in for medical care and interogation. However, once mostly recovered, Valerian broke free of his captors, finding his father's Shadowshike, which he used to escape to his ship.

Back in space, Valerian regrouped with the Shadownova, and fled into hyperspace.


Valerian would later return to Endor for another attack. This time, he started with deception, sending the Silent Striker to trade with the Night Jedi, but also dropping off a commando team of Black Warlocks. Once this attack was under way, Valerian brought in the Shadownova, with vultures and Porax 38 fighters, and attacked. With heavy losses on both sides, Valerian activated an EMP on Shadownova, crippling the enemy fleet.

Jedi Shadows[]

After Shadownova had successfully fought back the Night Jedi, Valerian spotted another fleet; that of the Jedi Shadows. Knowing that his crippled fleet could not take them on too, he entered into negotiations with them, finding that he had met some of them before.


Valerian commanded a Lucrehulk named Shadownova, along with an array of support craft which included Hammer Class Cruisers, Porax 38 Starfighters, Vulture Droids and a supply vessel Silent Striker.