Uzas Yin

Uzas Yin was one of the few members of Domain Yin that survived the events of the Yuuzhan Vong War. Like the rest of his domain, he eventually came to serve in the reborn Praetorite Vong, where he was assume the role of a Yuuzhan Vong spy in infidel space. He traveled back and forth between numerous worlds, including Nar Shaddaa and Mandalore. One of his more interesting assignments brought him back to the seed world of Tur Yenagh, where he discovered a secret shaping facility in the jungle. It was there that he found a partly Vong-formed Saariza Storo, who he would later awaken and deliver to Executor Nem Yin on Iridonia. Later, at the beckoning of the Praetorite Council, he met with a member of the Imperial Knight's named Calypso on the planet Empress Tera. A plot had been arranged to sneak the Knight onto Korriban, where the Praetorite Council had been informed there was a forming empire of Sith. Uzas assured that Calypso was implanted with a villip in her skull before carbon freezing her and delivering the Knight to Korriban personally, aboard a Czerka Corp freighter. After arriving, disguised in a gablith masquer that made the Yuuzhan Vong appear as a duros male, Uzas unfroze Calypso and then set out into the city of Dreshdae. It was only a few minutes later that his cover was blown and he found himself set after by a group of Sith intelligence operatives. Despite his attempts to escape and coerce the Sith, he was eventually executed on the street, shot point blank by holo-droid named SG-614.

His legacy ultimately was dependent on whether or not Calypso's mission proved to be a success. A recording of the events on Korriban, transmitted to the Council in Uzas' final moments, was presented to the entire Reborn Praetorite as a reminder never to surrender or attempt to barder with Sith.