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DO NOT copy and paste from Wookieepedia as you did with Yoda. Doing so without at least stating where you got it from is a direct violation of Wikia licensing. Consider this a warning, if you violate licensing (in this case, CC-BY-SA) again then you will be blocked from editing.

You may also wish to not create articles solely with "COMING SOON". A place-holder can be kept for that page by leaving it as a redlink. Wait until you have something useful to add before creating the article.

Finally, read both the helps pages on interwiki links and redirects. You clearly haven't done so or, with the latter, checked to see if it worked properly. Otherwise, thank you for contributing to this "wiki" and feel free to ask me if you are unsure of anything. Nayayentalk 01:24, November 29, 2009 (UTC)

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