Jedi vs Sith Wiki


have been going through some of the Special Pages trying to improve the articles as best I can.

Main Issues so far:

  • dead-ends - so many pages without links
    • I've been going through more-or-less alphabetically, adding in links. I can't be bothered to wooki-fy them all yet - that's another pot of banthas.
  • Wooki redirection pages
    • Some people went through the redlinks, making redirections to point them all to wooki. While I admire their efforts, why couldn't they have edited the redlinks to point to wooki?
    • I'm deleting the redirection pages, changing redlinks when I can be bothered.
  • external links for internal pages
    • I know it took me a day or too to figure out the difference, but there's so many of them. So much converting to do...
  • Ex-players - Universe V1.0
    • My, were some people OTT. It's so tempting just to delete all that "2 million superlasers" nonsense, however, it is an accurate representation of what happened on JvS, so I shouldn't. I just wish the pages were tidier though. They need far too much work.

Things to do in the future

  • finish going though special-pages.
  • Elaborate on my own characters, locations, and plots
  • Change redlinks to point to wooki (not redirection pages!)
  • Check pages for spelling, punctuation, grammar, etc