Jedi vs Sith Wiki

Well, I think I'm gradually getting there.

I've sorted out the uncategorised pages, I'm through to 'I' on the Dead-end pages, and I've sorted out and deleted or stubbed the shortest 150+ pages.

I've also categorised all the categories into the correct places, and filled in a fair few more articles relating to my characters and faction.

I made a bit of a bash at the wanted pages, too, changing redlinks to point to wookieepedia, and deleting unnecessary wooki duplication.

Things still to do:

  • Categorize the uncategorised images
  • Go through delete procedures with copyright violating images
  • 'I' to 'Z' of the Dead-end pages
  • tidy up wanted pages some more, changing redlinks to point to wooki.
  • delete remaining candidates-for-deletion, checking relevant wooki pages, history pages, and links-to.
  • on-going maintenance - they'll be new pages that need work coming