Today I've been going through Short Pages, removing pages that have essentially no content, and making pages that need serious improvement into stubs. I've now deleted so many content-less articles that we're down to 1000 articles, and I'm not going to let it drop below that. From here, every article I delete I intend to create an article of at least some use.

...there's so many completely unused and unneeded wookieepedia redirection pages sitting around that I could end up creating a lot of pages to compensate.

Why didn't people just stick to writing articles about JvS things they know about? People wasted so much time trying to duplicate Wookieepedia, and that's definitely not what we're about. *sigh*

Back to adding links to the Dead-end Pages, creating stuff for the Wanted articles, and changing links over to wookieepedia ([[starwars:Article|Article]] links then.

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