Ferret is the RL nickname given (FerretNote: apparently because I look like one. Lovely. I'm a household rodent.) to one of the more active writers in the JvS community. He RPs on Osarian, but for the most part tends to post more in the OOC boards. Ferret dropped out of sight for a couple of months due to RL issues, but returned at the turn of the year, midnight entering the year 2009.

Ferret was involved in the beginning stages of the Players' Guild, but it did not open fully until after he disappeared. He was originally a Councilor on the Galactic Economic Council; however, after an extended absence on his part the position filled. He has since been reinstated in the Council.

Main Character: Edit

NPCs: Edit

Other creations: Edit

  • Multiple classes of non-canon ships
  • Weapons
  • Armor variants
  • Chyornov Combat Systems, an arms company
  • The Bratstvo Svobodii, a secret society dedicated to the preservation of freedom but not necessarily government (FerretNote: The policies and politics of this group, though admirable, are strictly in character and do not necessarily reflect membership in any RL groups on the part of myself)
  • The Tilani race
  • The planet Kircone and its native flora and fauna
  • The Osarian Guard
  • Reka Cili meditation
  • Electroferret, a persona adopted purely for randomness in the OOC forums. Electroferret was formed after the Ferret chewed on a power cable one too many times in the OOC boards. He is a superpowered ferret, capable of controlling electricity and flying.
  • others.
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