Jedikingzach is a writer who has been RPing on JvS Universe since October 2007. First as "Admiral Zachary Dillard" (AZiD) [note: that name was chosen from a baby name generator site and the writer's real name], and most recently as "The Admiralty" (TA).


  • Admiral Z'har Dizen Or'dinii (PC Male Zabrak, 93)
    • Podracer Dominic (NPC Male Rakata, 15)
  • Uya/Dark Uya (PC Male Human, 23; Dead)
  • red mist (PC Droid, 2,000; dead)
  • Aya Dizen Or'dinii (PC Female Droid, 25)
  • MandalMine Collective
    • Commander Gotrun Raven (NPC Male Khil, 56)
    • Commander Doric Hawk (NPC Male Human, 34)
    • Geht'hor'nthic (NPC Male Chiss, 61)
    • Sevo Su (NPC Female Kaminoan, 42)
    • Zytlgren (NPC Female Kissai, 40)
    • Uddn Cruhn (NPC Female Herglic, 42)
    • Commander Krill (NPC Female Human, 40)
  • Marcos Dizen Or'dinii (PC Male Zabrak/Clone, 25)
  • Resi Sithbane (PC Male Anzat, 215)
    • Flugo (NPC Male Dug, 20)
    • Flugello (NPC Female Dug, 20)


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TV Tropes & AchievementsEdit

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JvS 1.5 AchievementsEdit

  • 13 Swords: RP in the "Dha Verda Werda" SL.
  • A spawn from hell: RP with one of the Genocidal 3 (E-Rad, Diva, Abyss).
  • A Story Is Worth a Thousand Posts: Post 1,000 times on the JvS forums.
  • Admiral Ackbar wants YOU: Convince two or more people from two or more unique IPs on an RPing journey.
  • Approved: Become a Patent Officer.
  • Back ... to the future: RP in the "Time Travel" SL.
  • BFF: Be in 5 usergroups ... at the same time.
  • Dan's Worst Enemy: Join the Anti-Ewok Crusade.
  • Daniel, there's too much purple!!!!!: Create at least 5 posts Endor/Dragus style.
  • Detail-oriented: Submit a patent and have it approved in one post (without any need by a PO for clarification in any part of it).
  • Did god just give me the finger?: Have the whills break into your account to alter your profile or make a post you didn't post.
  • Get down with the sickness: RP in the plague SL.
  • Get to the Point Already: Write a single post in excess of 5,000 words.
  • He's everywhere!: RP with Daniel (At least one post in universe with any of his PCs or ALTs).
  • Hey I get that!: Understand at least a reference from 10 different, Non-Star Wars related materials, before anyone else posts what its from. (i.e. Video Games, Movies, Books, Music, TV Shows).
  • Heeeyy....i remember you...: Have RPed on JvS long enough to see Endor go through his many character changes.
  • I started doing homework and I ended up on JvS: Self explanatory.
  • I think I lost her!: Survive an encounter with Diva.
  • Icarus: Have 5 patents rejected.
  • It fits perfectly.: Do not change your display pic at all.
  • Just one more, please?: Create Nine characters (PCs or NPCs).
  • Just. one. more. post.: Be late to an appointment because you stayed on JvS to long.
  • Need a new hobby: Create useless and pointless achievements purely for entertainment.
  • NOOOOOOO: Have your computer turn off before you can submit the post you wrote (for any reason)
  • Physics?! WHAT?!: Become a Galactic Science Councilor.
  • Role play my way!: Patent ten patents.
  • These aren't the droids you are looking for: Mistakenly address a PC/NPC; thinking that you are speaking to the right person, when in fact you're not.
  • Time flies: Send 20 minutes writing a post.
  • Variety is the spice...: Have different characters all different species.
  • Fate of the Void: Be in a Void for over a week straight.
  • Who needs canon?: Pass your first patent.
  • Why is my choobies bleeding and there's a dollar in my pocket?: Meet Az.
  • Wait who are you?: Forget you RPed with a person.
  • What was that sound?: RP in diva's house of horrors SL.
  • War is hell: RP in the Dark Wars SL.
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