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Dave Mansell (User: Dav Man'Sell)
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  • Late 20th Century
  • Early 21st Century

Dave Mansell (JvS and Wikia username Dav Man'Sell) is a writer and roleplayer JvS Community. He started fairly small, working only with the relatively small (yet influential) community of the main-stream Yavin IV Academy RPers. Over time, he became more active, well known, and reputed.

He was later made one of the Administrators of the Yavin IV Praxeum and associated groups, and, following Ander Tagira's ban on the Jedi Vs Sith website, found himself taking on the mantle of one of the main leaders of Yavin IV.

In late December 2010, Dave was appointed as a member of the Galactic RolePlay Council, of which he became High Councilor in September 2011. He also served as a judge for the Sithies Award Ceremonies in 2011, at which he won the award of Best Lightside Character for his main character, Dav Man'Sell.


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Outside of JvS Edit

Dave, an Actor (when not "resting" and working other jobs), lives in London, England. Outside of the Jedi vs. Sith roleplaying community, his interests and hobbies include the Theatre, Art, and Creative Writing. An avid Star Wars fan, Dave is also a fan of many other Science Fiction franchises, particularly Doctor Who/Torchwood, Star Trek, and Firefly. He is also a big fan of Marvel Comics, and counts J R R Tolkien, Arthur Conan Doyle, wikipedia:John Le Carré, and William Shakespeare as his four favourite writers.

Dave frequently creates Art-work based around his, and other writers', creations on JvS. Sometimes these involve the Photoshopping of commonly available imagery, but more frequently, he will create the art himself from scratch, drawing the images by hand and colouring them using Adobe Photoshop.

Writing Styles Edit

Dave enjoys the creative side of JvS, and as such is not often seen to be one of the 'competitive' members of the community. His RPs usually focus around Character development or plot-driven arcs, rather than competitive play, and is usually focused around one of his by now well-known (at least within the Yavin IV Jedi Praxeum's community) major arcs, which involve long storylines that play out slowly over several months. Dave greatly enjoys writing complex and imaginative descriptions and dramatic scenes within his roleplaying.

Dave also enjoys inserting hidden "Easter Eggs" into his writing, in the form of quotes and references to other works. He often draws quotes from the the Star Wars movies, and frequently slips in subtle tributes to his favourite TV shows, Films, or works of literature. These primarily come in the form of quotes, with his most frequent 'tributes' being quotes from Doctor Who, The Lord of the Rings, the works of William Shakespeare (in particular, Hamlet), and most recently, the stories of Sherlock Holmes . Dave has also slipped in tributes to some of his favourite films, such as Die Hard, Batman Begins, and V for Vendetta.

Dave has also made a few, decidedly less subtle, slightly tongue-in-cheek tributes to some of his favourite fictional characters in his own characters. Examples of this include the various equipment of his Main Character, such as the Sonic Multi-Tool - an obvious reference to The Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver - the Wrist-Comp - the design of which was inspired by Torchwood main character Captain Jack Harkness' Time-Agent Vortex Manipulator. Dav Man'Sell is also usually seen sporting a Military style Greatcoat similar to that worn by Captain Jack Harkness. This is, however, actually a reference to a coat owned by the writer himself, which he often identifies as his "favourite clothing item", frequently saying that he does very much "love this coat".

Artwork SamplesEdit

Jedi Dav Man'Sell 10a

Artwork of Jedi Master Dav Man'Sell, Dave's main player character

Dav and Tebana 2a

Artwork of Dav Man'Sell and Tebana Sor

Jedi Council1

Artwork depicting the Jedi Council of Yavin IV

XJ9D 1sm

Artwork for the XJ9D X-Wing Fighter

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