Universe 1.5 is the latest incarnation of the Jedi vs Sith Universe, a collaborative fiction roleplaying environment.


Universe 1.5 is split into several main sections. In the default layout, from top to bottom of the page, these are:

The Traveler's Guide

The latest section of the Universe is the Traveler's Guide. It is essentially a guide for players (both new and old), including an OOC guide to the planets; of what events, standards of roleplay, and type of roleplay to expect in each location.

It also now contains the Natural Laws, which stop potentially new people, or people who wish to control everything everywhere, from having an unfair advantage on the rule-abiding roleplayers.

These laws help the collaborative fiction run smoothly, without any unfair features into the game, this was the response to the universe-rampant 'God Modders'. 'God Modders' are players who have unrealistic amount of troops, super-weapons, fleet sizes and force powers, which tends to lead to Out Of Character arguing.


This is a section to interact with the admins, known as Whills. It contains

  • Location request threads; to request new playable areas by added
  • Consult the Whills; a forum for asking questions of the admins, and requesting help solving disputes
  • The Interface Assistance thread; for explaining the intricacies of the Universe 1.5 interface.


The Universe is the main Roleplaying section of the forum. It contains all of the planets, organised into regions. (See side menu - Universe). Almost all the roleplaying on the forum is within the Universe section.

A galaxy far, far away (OOC forums)

The Out-of-Character forums at the bottom of the page contain discussion of many topics, not necessarily related to Star Wars at all. However, they do include the JvS RP forum, which often contains requests from players seeking other RPersm or information about purchasing equipment and ships in Universe.


Universe 1.5 was created by the Whills as a new platform for the roleplaying that had previously gotten out of hand in Universe V1.0. The PHPBB forum has the advantages of

  • Not restricting the amount of posts or posting rate of members, and
  • Allowing more control in terms of admin powers to control or remove disruptive players.


Universe 1.5 continued until the site crashed in late January of 2013. Nearly two weeks of data was lost in the crash, including the beginning RP of the latest "Site-Wide" Story Line, a massive war with the Mandalorian Empire on one side & all the various Force User Factions on the other. The Site remained down until late April with the introduction of Universe 2.0.

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