UCBPL Reactor

The UCBPL Reactor from DeathTech Industries

The UCBPL Reactor was a project that was loosely based on the unsuccessful Star Core Reactor and was conceived by the scientists at DeathTech Industries, although the size had to be increased in to 15 meters in diameter in order to increase stability. The scientists at DeathTech realized the shortcomings of the doomed first Star Core Reactor: They simply tried to place too much power within such a small area of space, thus resulting in the unavoidable explosion. In order to keep history from repeating itself, the teams at DeathTech decided that enough power to supply small planetoids or another Death Star was unnecessarily high. So they brought the power down to a more manageable state, decreasing power output by 50%. Further experimentation showed that that was still too much power to try and contain within a 15x15x15 meter sphere. So they increased the size yet again to 20x20x20 meters and reduced the power an additional 25% finally settling at the peak power output of 2324.4444444444 Gigawatts/Hour. Enough to power [2] of the HS-1 "Armageddon" Plasma Gatling Cannon for which the reactor was designed. At last DeathTech had reached their goal, and now the dreams of using their new weapon became a reality: The UCBPL Reactor

Product InformationEdit


  • Military/Non-Military [Power generator/Reactor]


700,000 credits

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