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"There is no point in delaying the inevitable. The wheels are in motion and you can't stop it."

Typhor Zero before having a Sith mask

- Typhor Zero

Typhor Zero (also known as Master Zero) was a human Jedi Master , serving the order on Ossus , in the Jedi Praxeum. He was a teacher, a protector but most of all a good friend. He was quick to joke in a tough situation, but was serious when he needed to be. He took his job as a Master seriously and took everyone under his wing.

Typhor also believed that everyone could be redeemed and so also preferred Form Zero.

In Devlin Dewe's absence, Typhor Zero was placed in command of the Jedi Praxeum.

Early Life (2 BBY-4 ABY)Edit

Typhor Zero was born on Onderon to parents Sasha and Typhor. Typhor was named after his father, Typhor Zero, a very controlling and dominating man. His father was a Jedi at the time of his birth and Typhor was always amazed at the tricks his father could do through the force. His father could feel the force within his son and so started training him himself.

Jedi Training (4 ABY-16 ABY)Edit

Typhor's father took it upon himself to train his son, believing that his fellow Jedi were not good enough. During the years of his training, Typhor saw a gradual change within his father, believing that some of the excersizes he was being taught to do were not that of the light side. Nevertheless, Typhor continued his training, even completing the Jedi Trials that his father had set before him. The last task his father set for him was to create his own lightsaber. He did this, and in doing so, passed all the trials of a Jedi Knight .

Unfortunately for Typhor, his growing concern for his father would only get worse from there. When his father was next called away on duty, he did not return.

Completion of Training on Coruscant (16 ABY-17 ABY)Edit

18 year old Typhor, dismayed at his father's dissapearance, sought help in finding his father. Not only that, but he officially needed to complete his training, in order to become a Master. He had heard that there were some Jedi on Coruscant and so with the help of his mother, gained some transport headed there. Upon his arrival, he was met by some common thugs, but he easily dispatched them using the force. Fortunately for Typhor, one of the Jedi had seen his display of the force and so brought him before the rest of the Jedi situated there.

It just so happened that Typhor had stumbled upon the same Jedi that his father had been with. They explained to Typhor that his father had turned to the dark side and that he had gone into hiding. Typhor started blaming himself for what had happened, he reasoned that it was his training that had driven his father to the point it had. The Jedi there needed to see that Typhor was not like his father and so required him to complete the Jedi trials yet again.

After the completion of the Jedi trials on Coruscant, Typhor was granted the rank of Master, but he knew that he couldn't stay and serve on Coruscant because of what his father had done.

The Lone Jedi (17 ABY- 25 ABY)Edit

After completing his training on Coruscant, Typhor travelled the galaxy in his newly aquired Horizon-Class Star Yacht, named the Sub-Zero. He created a name for himself on many different planets, creating connections in many places. Typhor was in reality, trying to find a place to call home. In his travels, he tried to help as many people as he could, whether in small or big ways.

During one of his stays on Dantooine , he felt a familiar presence enter orbit. His father had finally caught up to him. Instantly, Typhor knew what the Jedi had said to him were true. His father was a different man, harsher than he ever was. Knowing that his beliefs were to attempt to keep peace in the universe, he knew that his duty was to get rid of his own father.

During the ensuing fight, his father revealed that he always thought Typhor was a threat to himself, which was why he never brought Typhor before other Jedi and why he had come to kill him now. Undeterred, Typhor pressed the attack, gaining the upper hand on his father. He was about to strike his father down, when he hesitated for a moment, unsure of whether he could do it. In that moment, his father had recovered and retreated from the fight, leaving Typhor doubting his abilities as a Jedi.

Yuuzhan Vong War (25 ABY- 29 ABY)Edit

Not much is known about Typhor Zero's escapades or whereabouts against the Yuuzhan Vong . In between hunting down his father, Typhor Zero was said to have fought the Vong on many different planets, although where exactly he travelled is still unknown.

First Visit to Ossus Edit

Shortly after the Yuuzhan Vong War, Typhor visited the planet of Ossus, hoping to find not only Jedi there, but a place to finally call home. He had always known about the Great Jedi Library on Ossus and the Jedi Praxeum situated there and so hoped that it was still inhabited. As he steered the Sub-Zero over the Praxeum, he was relieved to see the place bustling with life.

Upon his arrival, Typhor was greeted by Devlin Dewe. As he looked around the Praxeum with the guidance of Devlin, he could feel that this would be his home. He placed his things in the Master's dorms and settled in to the life of the Praxeum.

First ApprenticeEdit

After meeting the inhabitants of the Ossus Praxeum, including the Gray Jedi and the leader, Dacon TryViron, Typhor took it upon himself to find a padawan learner. He knew that doing so would not only enhance his abilities as a Jedi Master, but he also wanted to train pupils the way it should be, as opposed to his father. It was then that a young male student, Joseph Giovantis, arrived on Ossus.

Typhor Zero immediately took to the young man and took him on as his first Padawan learner. Typhor trained the Joseph in the ways of the force, teaching him all he knew.

His Father ReturnsEdit

"Yes, I killed your mother, she lied to me and deserved to be punished."
- Typhor to Typhor Zero

Roughly a galactic year had passed on Ossus without much trouble. Typhor had not heard anything about his father since their last battle on Dantooine. On a bright sunny day on Ossus, his father suddenly striked again. This time, not only targeting Typhor but his Jedi friends who were at the temple. A battle suddenly erupted between the Jedi and the Sith that was Typhor's father.

During the battle, his father confessed to Typhor that he had killed Typhor's mother, believing that she had information about Typhor's whereabouts. Devastated by his father's confession, he let his anger out on his father and with the help of his fellow Jedi, managed to force his father into a retreat once more.

Zero was left feeling empty and horrified by his father's actions and his response to the confession scared even himself. He knew it was time for a break.

A Disappearing ActEdit

"It is time for me to leave for a while. If anything, to find peace within myself about what my father has done."
- Typhor Zero in a note left for the Jedi on Ossus

Not long after the second appearance of his father, Typhor awoke one morning to a strange feeling. It was the feeling of a lost presence. Thinking that it might be just repercussions of his mother's death, he searched the temple for his padawan. His search turned up empty, the missing feeling was that of his padawan, Jospeh Giovantis. He searched everywhere, but could find no trace of him, he had vanished from the galaxy. Confused and slightly dismayed, Zero decided that perhaps it was his turn to perform a disappearing act and with not much notice, left the Praxeum.

On the Move AgainEdit

Typhor knew that he needed to find peace within himself, his angry outburst at his fathers confession, scared him into thinking that perhaps he could follow in his footsteps. The disappearance of his padawan also made it possible for him to disappear as well.

After leaving Ossus, Typhor followed the path of destruction that his father left, but his father was always one step ahead. At the same time Typhor was having an internal battle, convincing himself that he was after his father, not for the revenge of his mother's death, but to defend the galaxy from his father's ruthlessness.

After a while, Typhor decided that his father would find him eventually and so gave up the chase and instead started searching for a new learner to train.

The Second ApprenticeEdit

Craven: "If you would allow it, please take me on as your pupil."
Typhor: "Any student in need, is welcome in my books. I humbly accept your offer."
- Craven and Zero discussing the appointment of Zero's pupil

Whilst visiting the planet of Tatooine, he stumbled across a young Jedi in trouble. Surrounded by a vile Hutt gang, a young Cathar Jedi found himself in need of help. That help came in the form of Typhor Zero. As Typhor entered the scene, he attempted to persuade the Hutt's that they really weren't worth the trouble. Laughing at his attempt at negotiations, the Hutt's pressed their attack, leaving no choice but for Typhor to defend himself and the young Jedi.

Together, they dispatched the Hutt's, forcing them into a retreat. Typhor learned that the young Jedi's name was Craven and that he was a Jedi Knight. During the battle, a connection had formed between the two and not long after, Craven asked Typhor Zero to be his Jedi Master. Accepting Craven's offer, the two of them left Tatooine behind.

Travelling and TrainingEdit

Once again travelling the galaxy, Typhor found himself not alone this time. Typhor deliberately avoided Onderon, for fear of what he would feel whilst being there. During their travels, Typhor trained Knight Craven, determined this time to not let his learner slip away from his grasp. Craven's training continued for a galactic year or so, before Typhor deemed him ready for his Trials.

Craven passed the Jedi Trials with flying colours and Typhor granted him the rank of Master. Excited and daunted by the prospect of leaving Typhor , Master Craven decided to travel with Typhor for a little while longer. This would prove to be a fatal mistake.

The Death of CravenEdit

"You were such a good friend to me Zero, you bring a light to the galaxy where there is none. You are a great Jedi and always will be. Well, until we meet in the next life."
- Master Craven's dying words to Typhor Zero

Master Craven, wanting to learn more about his old Master's past, asked Typhor to take him to his home planet, Onderon. Reluctantly, Zero agreed to show him due to their strong friendship. When they arrived, Typhor showed Craven his old place, bringing up unwanted memories of his childhood and of the death of his mother. It was these feelings that attracted unwanted attention.

While Craven consoled Typhor, Typhor's father, hidden in the force, crept up on the pair. Claiming that he knew Typhor would return there at some stage, Typhor's father attacked the pair, taking advantage of Zero's moment of weakness. Typhor was in no mental state to fight and tried to negotiate with his father, which failed miserably. His father pressed his attack even stronger, determinde to kill his son an remove a threat from his life.

After a while of fighting, Typhor's father finally saw the opportune moment to kill Typhor. Typhor was growing more tired by the minute, his feeling's sapping the strength from him. It was due to this that he never saw the kick coming. Typhor recieved a kick to the face and became partially blind for a moment. Typhor's father lunged in for the kill, but found that his blade had met another target.

Master Craven had dived in between Typhor and his father and in doing so, received the fatal blow that was to end his life. Typhor's father's lightsaber penetrated deep into Craven's body, severing several organs within his body. Master Craven crumpled to the ground as Typhor took in what had happened. Typhor's father, knowing that this would hurt Typhor more than killing him, decided to retreat and leave Zero with his dying friend.

Master Craven preserved his life for a few minutes through the force, leaving Zero with a few words of his own. Moments later, the life left the Cathar's body and Zero cried loudly, not caring who could hear. Knowing that Craven had been his family, he buried Craven's body behind his old house. He turned and left the place, leaving not only a dear friend, but also his brother behind.

The Return to OssusEdit

"I am back to serve and help wherever I can. Just give me a holler whenever I'm needed!"
- Typhor Zero to Devlin Dewe upon his return to Ossus

Extremely dismayed by the death of his former Apprentice and friend, Zero decided that it was time for him to return to Ossus. He knew that they would accept him back unconditionally, with no questions asked if he so wished. He arrived at the Praxeum in the same clothes since the battle with his father, his robes in tatters. Typhor was once more greeted by Devlin Dewe, who welcomed him back to Ossus. For now, Typhor would keep the secrets of what had happened on Onderon to himself, pushing those thoughts as far away as possible.

Welcome BackEdit

Life on Ossus resumed as normal, Typhor taking up his position as a Master and teacher of the Praxeum. Life didn't remain quiet for long though and a few days after his arrival, Zero found himself helping out a dispute between two Gray Jedi's, Rayne Torr and Aren Morningstar, who were dueling within the Praxeum.

Aren Morningstar was then locked up in the Praxeum due to concerns and allegations that he was a Sith. At the same time, an ex-Jedi named Arn Menlas, arrived at the praxeum. Zero immediately took to the man and they became good friends. Zero and Arn then helped Devlin interrogate Aren to get to the bottom of the issue.

Typhor continued to defend the praxeum after that, fighting those that dared disrupt the peace, or threaten his friends. The next in line for Typhor to meet though was Archer Lightwaker , who arrived on Ossus not too long after the Grey Jedi predicament. Typhor taught Archer for a little while, not becoming his Master, but just a teacher. Not long after his arrival, Archer left Ossus and Zero behind.

An Apprentice and An Evil TaintEdit

"Young Driet has asked me if he can be a learner under me and I thought I should seek your approval before you left."
- Typhor to Devlin

Just when Typhor thought that Ossus had become peaceful once more, the holocron of Mal Riso, Devlin Dewe's former apprentice turned Sith, was given to Devlin Dewe. The holocron had a hold over the Jedi Master and so when Devlin presented the holocron to Typhor and Arn Menlas, they both agreed that the holocron should be destroyed.

Typhor Zero elected himself to stay behind and watch the praxeum whilst Devlin Dewe, Arn Menlas and Talon Frost , Devlin's padawan, travelled to Corellia to destroy the holocron using a special ritual. Just before the trio departed, a young man by the name of Rowan Driet arrived at the Praxeum, wanting a Master to continue his training as a Jedi. Rowan was already a Jedi Knight, but had left his previous Master in search of a new one.

Typhor and Rowan sought out Devlin before they left to destroy the holocron, to seek his approval of the appointment. Devlin approved of Rowan and so began Rowan's training under Zero.

The VisionEdit

Typhor: "What brings you out here to Ossus my friend?"
Shadet: "Good to meeting, Typhor Zero. I see joy in my arrival. The Jedi of Dantooine feel the alliance with your Order very keenly."
- Typhor Zero and Shadet Ba'Ay meet

Zero continued to train Rowan while the others were off destroying the Sith holocron, but not without trouble. During one of the duels between Rowan and Typhor, Rowan closed his connection to the force, giving Typhor the chance to beat his learner. When Typhor questioned Rowan about his decision, it was revealed that Rowan was still under the hold of fear. Rowan bit back at his Master and shattered a plant against the wall in anger. Dissapointed in Rowan, Typhor let him cool his anger by himself, wanting his learner to own up for his actions.

Not long after, Rowan sought out Typhor and apologised for his actions, wanting Typhor to train him once more. But that was the least of Zero's concerns at the time. That morning, Typhor had had a vision through the force of the Jedi Praxeum, parts of it being destroyed. Not wanting to disrupt Devlin's mission so early, he started preparations for an attack by himself, with Rowan's help.

As Typhor was preparing, he recieved a message from Shadet Ba'Ay, wishing to land at the Praxeum. Typhor granted him permission and greeted the male Togruta. Shadet claimed to have come to Ossus to help the relationship between the Jedi of Ossus and the Jedi of Dantooine. Zero alerted Shadet of the impending attack he had foreseen and Shadet agreed to help prepare the Praxeum.

Droids, Kidnapping and the Brijus SagaEdit

"Protect the students, Master Zero. Something wicked this way comes."
- Devlin Dewe to Typhor Zero as Brijus Tiure arrives at the Praxeum

After successfully destroying Mal Riso's holocron, Devlin Dewe returned to Ossus with Talon, Arn remaining behind on Corellia with the Jedi there. This was much to the relief of Typhor Zero who was still trying to prepare the Praxeum against the vision he had seen. But things were only going to get worse for him.

Droids in the PraxeumEdit

During a discussion between Typhor, Rowan and Devlin, the alarms of the Praxeum started blaring out. The praxeum walls had been breached by a man named Brijus Tiure. Brijus crashed a small vessel into the praxeum, shattering part of it. Through the hatchway, five IG-110 lightsaber droids jumped out, followed by Brijus himself.

Before Typhor or Devlin could think about the best course of action, Rowan had leapt after the droids, chasing them by himself. Dissaproving of his actions, Devlin sent Typhor after his padawan. As he neared the place that his padawan was fighting in, he could feel new presences near as well. Some Corellian Jedi had arrived to help take care of Brijus.

Typhor jumped into the fray, pushing his padawan through the force, out of the way of a flung lightsaber, saving his life. Throwing his own lightsaber through the air, he cleaved one droid in half. Regrouping, the droids then retreated down two hallways, splitting into two groups. Rowan chased a lone droid which was coloured differently before Typhor had a chance to instruct him in what to do. Leaving Typhor with no choice, he chased down the other two droids.

With the help of a Corellian Jedi Knight, Hyatt Ashton, they managed to defeat both droids. Meanwhile, in the Grand Jedi Library, the Corellian Jedi and Devlin had tracked down Brijus and were confronting him.

A Surprising AllyEdit

"I shall hold you to every one of your words, I am more than sure that you do not want to make the Sith further down the 'rot in Mustafar' scale than they already are."
- Typhor's intial distaste in allowing Jarik entrance to the Praxeum

After defeating the droids, Typhor made his way to the library to help the other Jedi defeat Brijus. Before he reached the library though, he felt a disturbing presence enter the temple. Afraid that another Sith had come to help Brijus, he raced to the entrance of the Praxeum, where he met Jarik Rimora. Typhor's concerns were partly correct. Jarik was a Sith, but had come not to kill the Jedi there, but Brijus as well.

Thinking that any ally was a good ally at that point, he allowed Jarik into the Praxeum, believing also that there might be a chance to redeem the man. Rowan turned up shortly after Jarik's arrival to alert Zero to the fact that Devlin was locked up in a room with Brijus. Arriving at the room, Jarik used his 'Force Destruction' power to create a gap in the wall, allowing Typhor and Jarik to enter the room.

Will Sontir, another Corellian Jedi, decided to join them in the room, telling Typhor that they had evacuated all the Younglings and Padawans. Will left soon after, leaving the four men in the room. After Devlin and Brijus fought for a few minutes more, Brijus suddenly dropped to the ground, his heart had stopped. Devlin yelled to Typhor to get medics in which he did. Jarik then revealed to Typhor and Devlin that he was on a mission to kill every Sith in the galaxy.

Jarik then declared that he was going to leave the temple, but on his way out, Typhor managed to convince Jarik to stay, but not only that, but that he could redeem himself as well. Jarik was heartened by Typhor's words and so vowed to protect the Praxeum alongside them. Pleased with the transformation of another Sith, Typhor led Jarik to the medical wing where Brijus was being held.


"He is up to something and as I said before, he will kill anything and anyone who gets in the way of what he wants. I am going to follow him and find out what he is really up to."
- Typhor Zero to Devlin about Brijus' departure

After revealing that he wanted knowledge from the Jedi about how to bring his wife back from the dead, Devlin allowed Brijus Tiure to leave the Praxeum. Concerned that Brijus would only create more havoc for the galaxy and themselves, Typhor placed a tracking device on his ship. Typhor followed Brijus to Knossa, whereupon he was led to an apartment building. Little did he know that Brijus was planning a trap for him.

As he entered the room that Brijus had entered, the trap was sprung. Believing to have stopped a planetary invasion, Typhor faced off against the Sith Alchemist. During the battle, Brijus procured a force illusion which Typhor fell for and realised at the last minute. Jumping to avoid the killing blow, he almost avoided the Sith blade, instead, Brijus' blade cut through his left leg, cleaving it right off.

Meanwhile, Jarik and Rowan had been discussing the Brijus situation and decided to go and help Typhor. Rowan arrived at the scene of his Masters distress. Brijus and Rowan then fought, Brijus coming out the victor once more. He had sent an energy bolt into Rowan's stomach, critically injuring him and giving Brijus the upper hand. Typhor had been watching the match unfold and not wanting Brijus to take them both, collapsed the middle of the roof, hoping to seperate Rowan from Brijus.

Parts of the roof fell onto Rowan, injuring him more, but no so much as to kill him. Meanwhile, Brijus had called his ship to the apartment and, using the force, lifted Zero out and onto his ship. Brijus now had a bargaining chip.

Transformation Edit

"I would rather die than be your pawn."
- Typhor Zero to Brijus whilst in captivity

Brijus arrived in the city of Anchorhead on Tatooine with Typhor stowed aboard his ship. Brijus was keen to show Typhor his powers with Sith Alchemy and attempted to use Force Illusions that would make Typhor think that Rowan had turned to the dark side because of him.

Brijus also tortured Zero in many ways, both through illusions and the use of Force Lightning, sending bolts through Typhor's body in an attempt to turn him over to the dark side. Resisting everything Brijus threw at him, Typhor used the memory of his dead friend Craven to resist the mental and physical torture.

Giving up on the force illusions and torture, Brijus had one final thing in mind for Typhor that would force him to remember Brijus forever. Buying his way into a slave woman's house, he tied Zero down on a table with force resistant restraints. First, using a razor, he shaved all of Zero's hair off. This was followed by a very painful procedure in which Brijus, using a knife and ink, carved a body length tattoo onto his skin.

It was then that Rowan discovered where Zero was being held as leapt at Brijus from the roof. Fearing that Rowan was still not strong enough for Brijus and that he would blame himself if anything happened to his learner, he ordered that Rowan wait for back-up. Retreating, Rowan left Brijus and Zero alone once more on his orders.

Zero tattoo

Typhor Zero with his Sith tattoos

"I have one question. Which looks more evil to you? Zabrak? Pau'ans? Or maybe perhaps, the Sith species? What is the most hideous, the most evil, the most dark race of Sith you have seen?"
- Brijus to Typhor shortly before placing a Sith mask on Typhor

Once Rowan had left, Brijus' final act of torture on Typhor took place. Shortly after questioning Zero, Brijus placed his hands on Typhor's face and sending a burst of dark energy onto it, started melting it. Horns tore through the top of Typhor's skull, his ears elongated, his nose changing as well. During the process, Typhor had passed out from the pain. When he awoke he couldn't believe what he saw.

Brijus had placed a Zabrak sith mask upon Zero, changing Zero's genes into that of a Zabrak. When Brijus procured a mirror, he couldn't believe the person looking back at him. Shocked and horrified, Brijus used Typhor's weakness to attempt one last time to turn Typhor to the dark side. Brijus attempted to make Zero believe that the Jedi really did nothing in the galaxy, comparing them to the Sith. Typhor seemed to take in what Brijus was saying, but remained strong and repelled the dark side once more.

The Battle for Typhor ZeroEdit

"The Jedi are on their way and we are now stuck in the middle of the desert, you have nowhere to go and nowhere to hide. You better prepare yourself for a fight, one that you can't win."
- Typhor to Brijus shortly before the battle for Typhor begun

Believing that he needed to change locations, Brijus moved Typhor onto a four-wheeled vehicle and started moving out into the intense heat and barren landscape of the desert. As if, by the will of the force, the vehicle broke down, stranding Brijus and Typhor in the middle of the desert. This would give a chance for Devlin, Talon, Serrin Roma, her padawan Chloe, Jarik and Rowan who had arrived on the planet, a chance to catch up to them.

Unknowingly to the six rescuers, Brijus had uploaded a bounty on the Jedi who had arrived, asking that they be killed in exchange for a lot of money. As the Jedi arrived to save Master Zero, a bounty hunter by the name of Tes Vel dropped out of the skies and opened fire on the Jedi from her ship. Jarik and Rowan immediately targeted the ship and with the use of Jarik's shatterpoint, ripped the ship apart. Tes Vel had survived and was not going down without a fight. The bounty hunter engaged Jarik in a one on one fight as Rowan returned to Brijus and the rest of the Jedi. Tes Vel and Jarik wore each other down and eventually called a truce and Jarik invited Tes back to the Praxeum on Ossus.


Typhor Zero with his Zabrak Sith Mask

Meanwhile, Brijus attempted the negotiate with Devlin and the rest of the Jedi, torturing Zero before their eyes. Knowing he was now completely outnumbered, Brijus attempted to negotiate with Zero's life. On the other hand, Devlin attempted to negotiate with Zero's release and Brijus' life. Brijus agreed to release Zero on the grounds that they help him try and bring back his wife and save Toydaria.

Typhor was immediately lifted onto a LAAT/i where a med team awaited. They sustained him whilst they travelled back to Ossus where he would get the best medical attention.

Back HomeEdit


"Thanks. I'm glad to see you up and about as well, last time i really saw you, we were both lying on the ground in pain."
- Typhor to Rowan upon waking up from his medical treatment

Typhor arrived at the Jedi Praxeum on Ossus in a critical but stable condition. But once he was admitted to the medical wing there, his condition improved increasingly every day. Within a couple of weeks, Typhor had awoken from the treatment, whereupon Rowan was waiting for him to awaken. With a new prosthetic leg, Typhor got up out of the bed and walked with Rowan, talking about the events that had unfolded.

It was then that it was revealed to Typhor that they had not killed Brijus, but instead had agreed to try and help the man. A bit dismayed, they continued their walk. To make matters worse for Typhor, Brijus approached the two walking and, claiming to be giving a gift for his troubles, gave Typhor a key to a book Brijus had written on Sith Alchemy. Brijus then abruptly left the praxeum, searching for the Gray Jedi.

The next thing Rowan said, hit closer to home. Rowan claimed that he no longer needed a Master to guide him, but instead, he was taking on a padawan of his own. But Typhor had no time to think about Rowan's decision for the Jedi on Corellia had become under attack.

Defence and AllegationsEdit

"Typhor Zero, you have been charged with conspiracy against the Jedi Order and use of Dark Alchemy. Do not make a scene."
- Orin Wraythe to Typhor Zero shortly before their duel

Devlin, Jarik and Rowan decided to go to Corellia once more, this time to help defend the Jedi against an attack. Opting to stay behind again, it fell on his shoulders to protect the praxeum by himself. Shortly after the trio had left for Corellia, Typhor greeted a man by the name of Orin Wraythe, as well as 12 other men, to the Jedi Praxeum. Getting straight to the point, Orin charged Zero with conspiracy against the order for his use of Sith Alchemy.

Typhor tried to convince the man and his followers that he had in fact been kidnapped and the Sith Alchemy had been used against him. At the same time, the bounty hunter Tes Vel, who had returned to Ossus with Jarik, had entered the entrance hall. Orin sensed Brijus within the temple and with Typhor, Tes and his men in tow, led them to Brijus. When they reached Brijus, Orin suddenly disabled the man and encased him in carbonite, sending him back to his ship.

Thinking that Brijus was evidence of Typhor and the Praxeum's corruption, Orin and his men attacked Typhor. Retreating to Tes Vel, Typhor told her that that if she helped him now, he would let her go free for the things she had done to the Jedi on Tatooine. With another ally now on his side, Typhor engaged Orin in a one on one duel, while Tes Vel took care of his men.

During the fight, Typhor continued to try and persuade Orin that he was not corrupted, still attempting to use Form Zero. After fighting for quite some time, Typhor decided that enough was enough and refused to fight, placing himself on the ground and open for attack. Orin took the chance and leapt at Zero, but stopped short of his neck. Seeing now that what Typhor had said was true, Orin called off the attack. After a quick discussion with Zero, Orin sent Typhor and Tes into a seperate room and, seeing the error of his ways, dispatched of all his men, the remainders fleeing the Praxeum.

When Orin returned, it was revealed to Typhor that Orin was a leader in a group called the "Sanctum of Light", a group which was claimed to kill Sith. But Orin, now saw that the leaders of the group were Sith themselves and used the excuse to kill Jedi instead. Orin pledged that he would help protect the Praxeum from that day forth. Typhor, extremely pleased that he had redeemed yet another man convinced Orin to also help him track down the leaders of the Sanctum.

Jarik and Rowan returned to the Praxeum not long after and helped with repairs to the Praxeum from their battle.

The Chamber of AntiquitiesEdit


After freshening up from the battle with Orin, Zero returned to his duties around the temple, doing his rounds and greeting guests as they arrived. Two special guests caught his attention as he did his rounds. A man and a female had approached Rowan and his new padawan, Zora. In the man's hands was a a bag that was emitting a strange presence. Grabbing the bag through the force before it could reach Rowan, Typhor glanced inside and saw three holocrons inside, two Sith ones and one Jedi one. Convinced that they would be beneficial, he negotiated a price for them, settling at 50,000 credits for the three.

A Great Ossus DiscoveryEdit

Needing a safe place to store the holocrons and the key that Brijus had given him, Zero retreated to the Great Jedi Library to do some research on a room that he believed still existed under the library. The room was the "Chamber of Antiquities", a room where rare Jedi artefacts were stored. The chamber had a "Keeper of Antiquities" who was to protect the chamber and the artefacts inside.

Once inside the library, Typhor researched history books to try and discover the location of the hidden room. Not finding anything valuable, he was about to leave when he saw a slip of paper protruding from a book. Snatching it out, he read a letter addressed to the Jedi of Ossus, entailing the location of the room. It was signed by Odan-Urr, the designer and builder of not only the Chamber of Antiquities, but the Library itself.

Excited by the historic find, Typhor followed the instructions on the piece of paper to a wall in the Library. Following the careful instructions about a hidden lock, Typhor unlocked a hidden lock through the force that was hidden behind a brick, and the wall slowly slid open, granting Typhor entrance to a staircase leading downwards. Typhor followed the staircase for a while, going deeper underground until he finally came to the Chamber. But instead, he was greeted with rubble, the room had been destroyed. He sat on the ground and meditated, convinced that he would rebuild the room and become the Keeper of Antiquities.

Personality and TraitsEdit

The Joker

"So, it's either I've got really bad luck, or you've got really good luck, because as soon as you all leave, the Praxeum seems to get attacked. Not that I believe in luck at all."
- Typhor Zero

Typhor was a joker. He always loved to taunt opponents by either joking, or teasing them via a joke. Even in the direst of circumstances, Typhor would always seem to have a joke handy. But despite being a joker, Typhor was serious when it came to the protection of Praxeum, Library and Jedi on Ossus. He took his jobs seriously and would sacrifice his own life for any of these things.

Typhor wasn't angered easily, even when tortured, Typhor kept a level head. It was this that perhaps saved his life multiple times. His personality and jokish nature, saved him from the lures of the dark side. Typhor was quite aware of the dark side and it's lures though, through his torture at the hands of Brijus, but also due to his father's dramatic turn to the dark side.

Zero was also a believer that anyone could be redeemed and refused to kill unless he was forced to. He redeemed and turned many Sith back to the light, using his intelligence and persuasion to persuade them back into the light. It was this refuse and inner strength that Zero possessed that led many Sith back to the light.

He was also veery loyal to those he called friends, and even more so to those he called family. That was why he protected the Jedi Praxeum on Ossus, his home, with his life. Those around him thought highly of his loyalty and friendship.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Lightsaber Forms and StancesEdit

Typhor was a Master duelist and had knowledge of all seven lightsaber forms. Even though he had knowledge of them all, he specialised in Soresu, the third form. He believed that the best defence was the best offence. Along with this, Zero also utilised Form Zero, a form where a Jedi only used his lightsaber if all other avenues were exhausted. Zero believed fervently that his lightsaber should only be used if necessary and even when forced to, used Soresu only in defence.

He rarely ever used the other forms unless circumstances called for it. His classic stance was the Soresu stance whereupon he would spread his legs wide, with his lightsaber running parallel behind and beside his head.

Force AbilitiesEdit

Typhor was quite adept with the force, using it frequently in battle. The force also spoke to him through visions.

At any time, Typhor could use these force powers, though he only used a few at a time and only in defense. Typhor mainly called upon the force when he didn't want to fight using his lightsaber, or to aid him in battle.



Classic Jedi Master Robes (Brown), a tan tunic and tan pants. Typhor also wore high, black boots.

His clothes were subject to change, he occassionally wore deep blue robes with a white shirt underneath, but he usually kept to the classic Jedi wear.


Typhor carried his lightsaber with him at all times, but only used it when absolutely necessary. Typhor had a single hilt lightsaber with an emerald blade. Extra crystals were believed to have been imbedded within the lightsaber, but specifics have not been discovered.

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