Tymeer Veev (Pronunciation: Tye-mir Veev) was a Gran Night Jedi Military officer.


Veev was part of the crew recruited for Jobie Wan Kenobi's Victory-II class Star Destroyer Reliant. He served as tactical officer under Fleet Admirals Fred and Isus, at the rank of Lieutenant. He fought during several battles; including the Night Jedi vs Valerian Conflicts, and the Battle of Manaan. After Isus's death on Kamino, he became captain of the Reliant. In that role, he served during the trade disputes over Kamino Clones and Exports. He was later tasked with taking raw ores from Dor to be processed and taken to the Mustafar Orbital Shipyards. He used Reliant as a transport for this assignment. After visiting Contruum, and finding no response there, he took Reliant to Coruscant, where he negotiated a deal with a refinery in The Works district. After this task, he returned to Endor where Jobie Wan Kenobi promoted him to Fleet Admiral. He was then tasked with the naming ceremony for the four new vessels the Night Jedi had acquired; Rage, Lightning, Freedom, and Justice. He then took on some teaching duties, teaching elements of Jobie Wan Kenobi's dogfighting class. During this time, he began a review of the defences, which resulted in a reorganisation of assets to provide a stronger defensive perimeter for the Forest Moon.