Twin Suns Transport Services(TSTS) is a canon company from Star Wars: X-Wing Alliance. In JvS, the company is GEC registered to Dragus, serving as the players hardcore company. Under the guise of Victor Azzameen, a member of the respected Azzameen family to which the TSTS belonged, Dragus was able to assume control and now resides as the company's CEO.

Based out of the Bilbringi system, the TSTS is a major provider of shipping services in the Outer Rim. Its production facilities specialize in starship construction and repair. Subsidiaries include:

- Ghtroc Industries
- Damorian Manufacturing Corporation
- Tapani Starship Cooperative

The TSTS is also legally entitled to produce all Telgorn Corporation and Gallofree Yards, Inc products. Currently the company is contracted out to the provide privatized government service for the independent worlds of Gamorr, M'haeli, Kinyen, & Dorin.

The TSTS currently has mining operations on Hoth, Taivas, and Nkllon, with plans for further expansion.

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