Born and raised on Kashyyk. Mother was a Sith,she was part miraluka-part sith, father was a jedi part korunnai, they met during one of the wars on kashyyk. Turlons father was killed and now his mother remains in hiding somwhere that not even turlon remembers.

Turlon's mother left him when he was still a preteen, it was around this time that Turlon became bound to to Kashyyyk Banthas Menshin and Monshta. Monshta was rare in that he had only one large horn on his head as opposed to three like normal banthas. He was also 50% bigger than Menshin, he died protecting Menshin and Turlon when they were all still young.

Turlon lived on his own for a few years and also lived with different Wookie Clans. He spent his time all over Kashyyyk, in the Shadowlands, The Mountains, he especially liked the Coast and Oceans. Turlon even spent some months in the different polar regions of Kashyyyk. Turlon then one day made contact with Lord Saber Brimstone Windu and became his first apprentice in "jedivsith 1.5". It was at the Kashyyk Academy Where Brimstone molded him from the grey/dark jedi "Turlon". Into Darth Talon. He trained alongside Darth Ziah or Sarissa Stormro, daughter of Stevan Stormro. He eventually became fellow apprentice with Darth Electrix who was the apprentice of James Loyderas. After much training Talon was eventually moved to the rank of Khopesh.

---------Kashyyyk Academy--------

Talon grew powerful and was eventually given his own fleet. He ran missions for Brimstone and had his own "apprentice". When Brimstone started to change to the "light side" and became "RA' Talon became confused and left with his venator class ship.

When he had returned everything at the Academy was familiar...yet different.
Eventually things started to get back to normal. Kashyyyk was in danger of mandolorians; they were there because of misinformation and ended up fleeing.
But not before Darth Talon beat the ish out of Mandolorian Exechequer Austrailis. He left him alive just enough so that he would live.

During this, the academy focused on training the new apprentices. Talon continued to teach as well as further his own study in the Darkside and The Way of The Dark. After learning the beginnings of Sith Magic and with the help of Brimstone's daughter Shainex/Syren; Darth Talon was able to finally partially split from Turlon. This split allowed him to focus more fully on his connection to the force and less on joking around like Turlon loved to do.

Darth Talon's connection to the darkness is much greater than that of Turlon's. However Turlon is more skilled in some areas than Darth Talon is. Thus they are their strongest when combined.

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