What does the Guide do? Edit

The Traveler's Guide is a virtual guidebook. A datapack handed to every player when they enter the JvS Universe. It is constantly being updated to give you the most accurate information on the JvS Universe.

When you arrive at a planet, you can stop and open the Guide there for further information including canon info and an out of character summary of the RP to be found there.

It runs a scanning and ranking system to further describe 'at a glance' the RP on each planet.

Finally, like any good guidebook it tells you here in its first chapters everything you need to know about this place from the laws to How to? tutorials on interface.

By opting into the Guide, planets can receive a rating based on quality of RP.

What does the Guide not do? Edit

The Guide is not a person, it is a book or more accurately a datapack which every player has access to, old or new, Jedi or Sith.

The Traveler's Guide will not respond to PMs but is capable of receiving them for the purpose of anonymous scan requests.

It does not dictate what is or isn't 'good RP'.

It is a read only forum apart from the postbox threads to take entries and requests. It does not make rulings, interact or discuss issues as a profile. If you have questions, infraction reports or comments you should continue to Consult the Whills.

Yeah, but what does it do for me? Edit

Primarily, if you are a new player you can read the guide to find a homeworld that suits your style of RP, by looking at the entries on planets. You can also use the guide to read tips for RP and check the rules.

When you go to the Universe forum, you can see which planets describe their RP by looking for active ranking badges.

When a planet opts in to the guide it will start to be scanned for RP quality and receive a ranking. A good RP planet will be able to gain allies through recruiting new players, recognition of quality and prestige.

Opting into the Guide gives you the chance to describe, OOC, your planet's RP and what you as a planetary team expect of visitors.

Reading the guide prepares you for the kind of RP and welcome you will receive if you decide to visit a planet. You can look for planets that support your preferred style of RP.

If you read or write on a planet that you think is good or bad, you can request a scan to change the ranking of that planet to reflect your experiences.

Who writes the Guide? Edit

Everyone. Through collaboration with other players and the Whills the Guide evolves and changes to take into account new rules and planetary RP changes.

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