The Trace Compression Hyperdrive, sometimes known as the 'Trace Compression Block', was the main drive system of a Firefly-class ship.


It consisted of a rotary engine block, which provided the hyperspacial field, and was composed of a number of components, most notably, the Compression Coil, which guided and compressed the hyperspace fields, making faster-than-light travel possible.

As an older model of drive system, schematics were readily available, however, also due to the age of the system, few companies stocked or produced parts for it.


The Trace compression system had numerous technical problems. While it was generally quite reliable, its components were prone to occassional breakdowns. The Compression coil was known to break, and this happening could cause fires, and will prevent the operation of the engine in any way at all. As most ships drew main power from the rotation of the engine, this meant the ship would be without power,(and often life-support), until the system was fixed or replaced.

Behind the ScenesEdit

The system is inspired from the Trace Compression Block of the Firefly-class in the TV series Firefly. As the Firefly-class has featured in Star Wars as a cameo[1], User:Calmaen vor Lalimar found it useful to use the Firefly systems, modifying them to fit into Star Wars canon.


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