Organic gun high fin by slocik


Throknar was the name given to a modified Nang hul launcher owned by Nem Yin. In the Yuuzhan Vong language it roughly translated to "Cremator". As opposed to spitting variations of thud bugs, the launcher instead fired Magma pebbles. This made the organic projectile launcher extremely effective against both armoured personnel and droids, as magma pebbles were known to penetrate or liquefy armour with relative ease. Like most biots, the launcher itself was a living creature and was required to be fed on a regular basis. Pebbles were fed into the rear of the launcher, where they passed through its digestive track and were released at a rapid rate from the sphincter muscle at the head of the device. It had a maximum capacity of six magma pebbles, and possessed a firing rate of twelve pebbles per minute. The launcher could be fired with a single handed grip, though was often held with two for additional stability.
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