Ideology Edit

1. The force is all 2. Without Light, there can be no Dark 3. Without Dark, there is no Light 4. Everything casts a Shadow, and in Shadow, there is Power 5. The Darkness is Absolute 6. The Shadow is your freedom.

The black had the ability to help all factions, or none, as it and it's ruling body sees fit. They valued Honor and trust. They believed that both the Sith and Jedi teachings lead to an ultimate stagnation. Whereas the Jedi believe that Justice and Order are the way to run things, it ultimately leads to a passionless existence, as their feelings are supressed. The Sith on the other hand are mostly about total domination, the complete control of the Darkside. The Grey, in their opinion, dont really do anything, as they are to busy trying to ride the fence. The shadow is a path to ultimate power, but with it comes the very real possibility of death with misuse. This kind of power is not to be taken lightly. They did not purpose to attempt to take over the galaxy, or runt he lives of other people, but to find the ultimate balance between Light and Dark. For without one, the other cannot exist.

"Meditation is the key that unlocks the door. I do not believe in killing for killings sake, nor do I believe that my way is the only way. Ignorance and Arrogance will not be tolerated. We are no better than any one belief system. It is just what works for us. I strife for true enlightenment. I will turn no one down, be they Sith, Jedi, or Grey, or anything in between." The words of Black lord Iniquitous

Known members of the order Edit

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