Modified SE-14r.

The Twins
, as they were referred to by Dragus, were a dual set of SE-14r light repeating blasters. Both weapons were purchased from BlasTech Industries on Mechis III, and then later modified by the Famine Lord. A high grade focusing crystal was installed in both pistols to increase the power behind each blaster bolt. Due to this the power cells were expended in fewer shots than the stock model variety. On average each magazine contained a total of twenty-five blaster bolts. The grip was customized to allow for an easier draw, while texture was added to either side to secure the Sith clone's hold on the pistols.

The stun setting was removed which lessened the Twins versatility; however, the owner of these customized blasters was not the sort to take prisoners. Dragus wanted a weapon that would kill, not disable. If disabling was necessary, he would attempt to aim for a non-lethal shot. The most remarkable addition to the weapons was a coating of Reflec polymer that covered the entire outer surface of both pistols. Not only did this help hide the blasters from sight, but it also helped to conceal them from detection by sensor scans.


The first recorded use of these weapons was at the NOE occupied facility known as Echo Base. During a rescue mission on Hoth, Dragus encountered hostile Skel natives that attempted to prevent him from reaching a wounded Kaibur Malice. The Sith clone used the weapons with great efficiency, putting down dozens of the alien creatures with little effort.

Later the weapons would be seen on Pzob during the an anarchist uprising in the City of the Eye. Dragus used the blasters against terrorist and undead forces alike, murdering hundreds in the line of duty. The Famine Lord showed expert marksmanship with the twin blaster combination, never firing a shot needlessly and always going for a direct kill. However, a few months after that event, Dragus would temporarily retire the set of blaster pistols. During a conflict involving a cloned impostor of the late Gaiscioch Dearg, the pistols proved themselves to be very ineffective against a Force capable opponent. This caused the Sith clone to set the Twins aside for the better part of a year.

Later, with new enemies in sight and the possibility of encountering hostile Sith less likely, Dragus once more took up the blasters and wore them proudly. They would see much use in the coming war.

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