The Sithies 2011 Ceremony is the third annual edition of the "Sithies" Awards on Jedi vs. Sith. It was held on Tynna, unlike the last two events, which both took place on Corellia.

Awards and RecipientsEdit

Best Male CharacterEdit

Recipient: Galdaart Fel
Presented By: Gyselle Swallows

Best Female CharacterEdit

Recipient: Ophelia Ashern
Presented By: Mercedes Asari

Best Overall RPerEdit

Recipient: Raven Alora
Presented By: Darth Nexus

Best Lightside CharacterEdit

Recipient: Dav Man'Sell
Presented By: Sinistra

Best Darkside CharacterEdit

Recipient: Mortale
Presented By: Sith'ari Grizz

Best MandalorianEdit

Recipient: Reyn Skirata (Accepted on his behalf by his son Brynden Skirata)
Presented By: Plu Or'dinii

Best Non-ForceEdit

Recipient: Karana Malora
Presented By: The Holy Man

Best NPCEdit

Recipient: George
Presented By: Michelle Calmcacil

Most ImprovedEdit

Recipient: Erin Darkwell
Presented By: Lamia

Rookie of the YearEdit

Recipient: Non-Com
Presented By: Carmina Bolero

Best Epic PostEdit

Recipient: Ophelia Ashern
Presented By: Sith'ari Grizz

Best Badass PostEdit

Recipient: Kirith Aridigo
Presented By: Sidara Vercopa

Funniest PostEdit

Recipient: Adieumus Matango
Presented By: Bob Gaedar

Best War/ConflictEdit

Recipient: Death Watch vs. Clan Vhett
Presented By: Michelle Haalia

Best Player-versus-Player CombatEdit

Recipient: Erin Darkwell vs. Wade Connors vs. Adrien Draykon
Presented By: Rhea

Best Journal of the WhillsEdit

Recipient: Night of the Cougar
Presented By: Old Man Eralam
Link to Journal Entry:
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