The Sithies 2010 Ceremony is the second annual edition of the "Sithies" Awards on Jedi. vs. Sith.

Awards and RecipientsEdit

Best Male CharacterEdit

Recipient: Adrien Draykon
Presented By: Death Angel

Best Female CharacterEdit

Recipient: Major
Presented By: Linn Kalin and Mercedes Asari (via video)

Best Overall RPerEdit

Recipient: Bedrovelse Hevn
Presented By: The CUF Uncensored (Murdock Shan and Jiro Shale)

Best Lightside CharacterEdit

Recipient: Adieumus Matango
Presented By: Kiera Skirata

Best Darkside CharacterEdit

Recipient: Lord Ansatsu
Presented By: Lord Nexus

Best MandalorianEdit

Recipient: Kaine Australis
Presented By: Reyn Skirata

Best Non-ForceEdit

Recipient: Karana Malora
Presented By: Seleevan Khar

Best NPCEdit

Recipient: Michelle Calmcacil
Presented By: Bria Shadowlight

Most ImprovedEdit

Recipient: Lilith
Presented By: Raven Tarkin Ordinii

Rookie of the YearEdit

Recipient: Dark Jedi Aaray
Presented By: Adieumus Matango (via video)

Best "Badass" PostEdit

Recipient: Lahash de Fortia
Presented By: Kaine Australis

Funniest PostEdit

Recipient: Lord Targus
Presented By: Orian Katal

Quote of the YearEdit

Recipient: Jack Mapio
Presented By: Mercedes Asari

Best Journal of the WhillsEdit

Recipient: Lahash de Fortia - Bullet Time! WV
Presented By: Lamia
Link to Journal Entry: