The Sithies is the JvS equivalent to the Oscars/Emmies/Grammies/etc.

Awards and RecipientsEdit

Most BrutalEdit

Recipient: Lahash de Fortia
Presented by: Talon Reaver

Best DuelistEdit

Recipient: Xeroc Pyros
Presented by: Sith'ari Grizz

Rookie of the YearEdit

Recipient: Ice Matango
Presented by: Talon Reaver

Funniest RPerEdit

Recipient: Diabhal/Zenchou Piteos
Presented by: Kel Sentriss

Best DesignerEdit

Recipient: Nyyrikki Tuoni
Presented by: Diabhal/Zenchou Piteos

Most HonourableEdit

Recipient: William Reign
Presented by: Sith'ari Grizz

Best LeaderEdit

Recipient: An Tiarna Dubh
Presented by: Lady San

Best NPCEdit

Recipient: Michelle Calmcacil
Presented by: Arhiia Concordia

Best DarksiderEdit

Recipient: Sith'ari Grizz
Presented by: Mike Frantz

Best Male RPerEdit

Recipient: Adieumus Matango
Presented by: Dragus

Best DressedEdit

Recipient: William Reign
Presented by: Sith'ari Grizz

Most Creative RPerEdit

Recipient: Darth Bacon
Presented by: Lord Villa

Best Overall RPerEdit

Recipient: Dragus/Endor/Tarfang/Vampirius/Tyberius/To be continued
Presented by: Yamikage Asumodai

Best PlanetEdit

Recipient: Corellia (Accepted by special guest Han Solo)
Presented by: Maya Loyderas

Best LightsiderEdit

Recipient: Tebana Sor
Presented by: Sith'ari Grizz

Best Female RPerEdit

Recipient: Arhiia Concordia
Presented by: Aerandir Calmcacil

Best Mando'aEdit

Recipient: Plu Or'dinii
Presented by: Reyn Skirata

Best Veteran PlayerEdit

Recipient: Inquisitor Kryptman
Presented by: Statler & Waldorf

Most Improved PlayerEdit

Recipient: Maya Loyderas
Presented by: Announced by Kaine, but presented by Death Angel as Ms. Piggy

Best Non-ForceEdit

Recipient: C-3P9
Presented by: Death Angel, announcing as Yoda and presenting as Mace Windu

Most Scariest RPerEdit

Recipient: Major
Presented by: Death Angel as Darth Vader

Best CouncilorEdit

Recipient: Reverance
Presented by: Mortis Angelus and special guest Wedge Antilles
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