The Infinite Empire is a Facebook based roleplaying group that the Jedi vs Sith Facebook Application's Universe section was directly derived from. The IE is a group-based RPG that is set in the same time period as the Knights of the Old Republic metaseries and has been in operation since December 2006, with it's core groups having been created in 2005. Many of the original characters in the IE were created as far back as 2003. On February 1, 2009 the Infinite Empire moved off of Facebook to a ProBoards forum after, like JvS, finding Facebook to be an inadequate medium for roleplaying.


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Conflict with Jedi vs SithEdit

Conflict between the two RPGs first arose when players from JvS began posting on numerous IE planet groups whom did not realize the groups belonged to the IE and not JvS. This prompted the IE to start placing disclaimers on all their groups that clearly stated that they were not affiliated with the JvS application.

Conflict again arose with the introduction of the Universe section's rules and regulations regarding roleplaying and proper methods of playing. The JvS administrators had copied the IE's own rules and regulations and placed them as their own. After conversations between the leaders of JvS and the IE, the Jedi vs Sith administrators agreed to give the Infinite Empire partial credit for the rules and regulations.

Tensions eased considerably when the application's Universe Section was moved off Facebook.

Differences between Jedi vs Sith and The Infinite EmpireEdit

The IE is firmly set in the Old Republic era in 3,947 BBY, four years after the events of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords. As such, all planets, technology, canon characters and equipment reflect that era.

The IE offers its members two options for roleplaying: they can either take the form of a recognized canon Star Wars character from this era or create their own fanon (or non-canon) character from scratch. Canon characters are given fixed ranks, powers, and skills, whereas fanon characters may continue to progress in feats, skills, and power as they play.

One of the core differences between JvS and the IE is that the IE requires all its fanon members to start from a base level of 0 and work their way up. From the start of 2007 to the Fall of 2008, points were awarded by trivia questions posted roughly every week but these were phased out in the transition to Proboards. This was due to trivia not being an accurate representation of the roleplaying. Points are now awarded based on activity, participation, and quality of posts as determined by the four faction leaders. This is done to ensure godmoding is kept to a minimum and also to allow time for members to become comfortable with the site before they are in a position to drastically alter the gameplay.

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