==The Forceful Palms==
The Forceful Palms are the styles of force users to increase their martial abilities through incorporating force pushes into every blow as they let the force flow through their limbs and release upon their enemies, but their bodies rarely make contact unless making a finishing blow. The Forceful Palms were created by Dason Concordia

The Open PalmEdit


-Open hand with fingers relaxed
-Smooth and Fast movements
-Legs spread for balance, off leg in front slightly bent, other leg bent at close to 90 degree angle on side. Off side facing opponent with off arm slightly bent at the elbow, but almost fully extended with palm facing opponent. Other hand about 2 inches from face with arm in front and elbow bent.
-Complicated, but graceful. More attuned to Light Siders

The Hardened KnucklesEdit


-Open hand with finger tips closed at knuckle joints
-Hard and Powerful movements
-Legs spread for balance in a horse stance. Arms in horse stance with palms facing opponent.
-Simplistic, but more attuned to Dark Siders
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