The Firestar-Class Super Star Destroyer

Only one of these ships exists in the entire galaxy, "The Jade Star". It is the flagship of [| Dash Burik Vos]. He spent sixty years designing and building this monster ship, having it painted a gleaming green on the outside, and a brilliant silver on the inside, and all surfaces seemingly polished to perfection. The vessel has never yet been defeated in battle.

Main Weapons

It originally carried a superlaser, 25% more powerful than an Eclipse's. Now it carries upon its front two medium-sized ion cannons, which can disable another ship with ease, and another smaller cannon much like a superlaser, but with much less destructive power. Its main battlefield tactic is to use the ion cannons to disable the target, and then tear it apart with the smaller destructive cannon.

Secondary Armaments

  • 45,000 turbolaser turrets
  • 15,000 torpedo launchers, which launch a variety of torpedoes
  • 1,500 missile pods, located all over the ship, containing 100 missiles per pod
  • 14 secondary laser cannons, larger than turbolasers, which are brought onto bridge when the hangers are depleted.


Being larger then an Eclipse, it can carry more fighters and bombers, but only by a hundred more or so, giving a complement of

  • 600 A-Wing bombers
  • 756 X-Wings, Stealth X's, and three groups of Special Fighters.
  • 123 shuttles; mainly Lambda-class.

Usage Note

Due to the ship's raw size and power, it is considered a superweapon, and hence disallowed by the Whills for use in combat. However, when used as part of a private roleplay where all individuals consent, the ship is still usable.

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