Height: 1.52 m or 5'8"
Skin Color: Tan
Hair Color: Salt&Pepper
Eye Color: Brass

Bank Account:Edit

Starting Balance: 300,000 "7

Deposit: 2,500,000,000 "7

Current Balance: 2,500,300,000 "7


  1. Became CEO of Rendili StarDrive
  2. After a law was passed, making it illegal for him to continue his job, he absconded with all of RSD's designs and 2.5 billion credits from the company account.
  3. Became the Director of Czerka Co. shortly after leaveing RSD.


Model 22T4


Personal Ship:Edit

The Koray, a Light Corvette, Modified: + 4 Dual Light turbolaser turrets. One on the end of each Mandible, and two flanking the engines facing aft.