The Dark Legions of Byss is a military faction ruled by Lord Nexus, its home planet is Byss, but its influence reaches far past that.

History Edit

Once an army of elite operatives, a unit of the warriors of the Iron Fist, they broke off along with their commander and chief- Lord Nexus. The legion is a small army of enhanced clones, they are all force sensitive, and have been trained by nexus himself, they also have undergone mandalorian upbringing and their aging is not enhanced. The legion built up on this, gathering old allies of Halocroft industries, and remnants of the crimson empire. After settling on Byss, they began to conquer planets in the galaxy


We are brothers, by blade, by bolt by blood we slay those who stand in our way without discrimination we serve none but ourselves, or for the good of the legion In Lord Nexus- we bestow the honor of leadership we shall send wrong do-ers to their knees, and make the beg for we bring a swift and merciless justice to honor all...

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Dark Legion castle

Known members Edit

Dark Lord Nexus- Commander in chief

Drathe Riali- War Lord

Zel Ceus- Grand Admiral

Zacdaeus Cain- Warrior

Fael Darmanda- Warrior Chieftain

Blaze Tempest- Chief of state

Allies Edit

Planets Edit