Non-Combat Information Edit

Name: Aurora

Type: Space Master Medium Freighter

Scale: Transport

Length: 80 meters

Crew: 1

Passengers: Up to 20

Consumables: 6 months

Cargo Capacity: 10,000 metric tons

Hyperdrive: Class 1

Hyperdrive Backup: Class 30

Nav Computer: Three Droid AIs

Combat Information Edit

Armor: Basic hull base with 30 cm of Beskar armor plating.

Shelds: Slightly upgraded shielding, with a backup shield generator that is slightly weaker than normal.

Sensors: Military-grade.

Weapons: --Laser Cannons (8) --Double Light Turbolaser (2)

Fighters: --4

History Edit

Description: The Aurora has been Apollo's ship since his days as a Sith. It was stolen quite a while ago, and in its service to the Dark side it underwent a number of modifications. The normal Space Master class has modular cargo bays that can be switched out with different modules. The Aurora's bays include one that can hold up to four fighters, with two quick launch tubes on either side and a large space in the center for landings. The next bay is actually a weapons system which has four pulse-wave cannons on it as well as two light turbolasers. The two turbolasers are on the outer edges of the module, while the pulse-wave cannons, similar in strength to a laser cannon, are split between the top and the bottom, two on either side of the spine of the ship.

A layer of beskar armor has been added to the ship, the shielding has been upgraded slightly, and the two hyperdrive systems (The standard class 2 and the backup 10) have been slaved together and modified slightly to upgrade the main drive to a Class 1, while another backup system, class 30, has been added in. The nav system consists of three astromech droid AIs slaved together, which can control both the targeting systems and the smaller functions of the ship itself. The entire ship has been painted black to camoflauge against the blackness of space. There are living quarters for eleven (including the Captain) inside the ship, as well as a decent galley and a control room that provides a good 270 degree view of the space around the ship, along with sensors that can detect anything coming from behind.

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