Terese Alana Brandwyn
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""I'll survive, it's what I do...""
―Alana Brandwyn[src]

Terese Alana Brandwyn was a Female Half Human/Half Sephi Force User and the niece of Jedi Master Arden Brandwyn

Her parents gave her the firt name of Terese after her maternal grandmother, her middle name of Alana is out of respect for her Uncle Arden's lost love on Qiilura.

She was raised in upper-class Alderanian society, both on Alderaan and then on New Alderaan after the destruction of the first. The Brandwyn family is well known on the planet for it's massive mansion and adjoining vineyards, which are said to produce the finest wines the galaxy. Growing up she always looked forward to visits from her favorite uncle, Arden, and eventually was discovered to be force aware. She was never told the story of her Uncle Rex, though Arden had tried to tell her about him several times.

After Arden's death in battle with Lord Stridal, she became the last living Brandwyn and inherited all the titles and properties of the family, as well as Arden's personal belongings and other items. She grew up hard but at the same time is very soft, only time will tell what is in store for this young Brandwyn. Arden always said she had limitless potential and he continues to watch her progress from the netherworld.

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