Tatooine is a desert planet in the Western Outer rim, surpisingly, it was home to the one and only moisture farmer who saved the Galaxy - Luke Skywalker.

Pre-universe backstoryEdit

Tatooine building miniature-6050

Buildings on Tatooine

Tatooine is the home planet of both Jawa's and Tusken Raiders, and was the site for many a criminal during the Galacitc Civil War

In-Universe storyEdit

In Universe 1.5, the planet is owned by the Sith Consortium, under govenor Lord Jud'dayus. Many a Roleplayer come here as the Govenor is neither biased nor strict, as long as you don't bring an army with you!

Ken Shi Force templeEdit

In Jedi Vs Sith Tatooine is home to the ken shi temple force temple. The temple is an unbias place set up in comemoration of master Ken shi, it is run by Jedi grand master Jay Ven and Sith Lord Jud the Debase. The temple is a haven for both Jedi and Sith to train and learn the ways of the force under a mutual cease fire.

Currnet roleplayers:

  • Lord Archangel - head of the Sith Consortium
  • Lord Jud'dayus: The Debase - Govenor for Tatooine
  • Enforcer - part of a Jawa clan, wondering Tatooine's terrain
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