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Taran Wanderer, the son of Wanderer remains a new character with limited backstory


Much of Taran's childhood remains shrouded in mystery, including who his mother was and much of his first few years. His father was known better to the Galaxy abroad than to his own son however, the man known to the Galaxy abroad as Wanderer but who went by many other names had hidden his son from public view on Bakura. Because of the nature of his travels Wanderer was often away, what time he spent at home he spent training Taran in the Imperial Guard and Mandalorian styles of fighting along with political strategies and how to react under pressure. While he was away Taran was in the hands of various tutors whom Wanderer knew from his old days with the Mandos and Imperials.

The Father and Son relationship became strained by long absences and awkward time together, Wanderer treated his son like he was an apprentice or a subordinate, with detatchment and sternness, whereas the son treated the father as another tutor and a passing spectre of the past. Taran knew eventually that his father would not return, and that a message would greet him instead of the old man, a thought that increasingly came to him more and more over his young life.

Heir ApparentEdit

One day that message did came leaving Taran surprisingly stunned, without any idea what to do now that his training was over and no idea who his old man really was Taran set off to find out who his father was and whether or not he wanted the like his father had relished so much at the cost of his relationship with his son. Taran vowed that he would find his way and maybe one day find his long lost mother and quite possibly find out why she left his father and her son.

Behind The ScenesEdit


Taran's name is both the basis of a fictional character as well as the name of a book in the series the character is based from. In the story, however, the name Taran is taken from a man Wanderer killed that was in the center of Galactic politics for a time as well as the former Vice Chancellor of the New Republic. The name Wanderer is a title and homage to his father that was also partially chosen to make it easier out of character for people to realize that father and son were created and that the person who created Wanderer was the same who created Taran.

-Appearance and Skills-

The son largely exemplifies the father because it was a treat to use the latter as a character, so he has much the same traits, this also bears in mind of the furure story which has yet to be disclosed dealing with their relationship.