Jedi Apprentice Tanara Ajahn



Tanara is the daughter of the Jedi Kyle Ajahn, and the Sith/Jedi Genetrix Ajahn, and is the granddaughter of the Sith Lord Darth Negue Ragnos. She was born on a Medical Frigate above the planet Dantooine with her twin brother Drake. She was trained to use the Force by her mother until she passed away, then Tanara was trained by her grandfather Negue until he turned evil and tried to kill her.

She now Resides on Endor With her God Father Dash Burik Vos.

Escape from Clak'dor VIIEdit

After Tanara found out that Negue was trying to kill her, she quickly stole a Star Destroyer that was being decommissioned and escaped to the Forest Moon of Endor. Upon her arrival, she found out that the Star Destroyer was rigged and was about to explode. Her Godfather Dash Burik Vos rescued her from the ship and brought her to the small moon. There, she met the Jedi Apprentice Zalor Anneri, and the Jedi Grandmaster Chris McDonald. Eventually Tanara joined her Godfather's faction, the Jedi Shadows, then decided to help Zalor on his quest.


Tanara has assisted Zalor everywhere he goes in his quest, and has now taken over her grandfather's empire, ICOP. With an Empire behind her, she can now help Zalor much more.


Tanara is a red-skinned Twi'lek, and stands at a height of 5'7. She uses a light blue single-bladed lightsaber. It used to be violet until she replaced the purple crystal with an Adegan Pontite crystal, which she received as a gift from her boyfriend Vincent Darklighter.


  • Even though she was born much later in the RPG, Tanara is just a few years younger than Zalor.
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