"Where were you?"
"If you really must know, I was off massacring people, plundering ships, burning planets and doing generally unpleasant things."
"...I asked where you were, not your life story!"
- Talon asking Daka where he'd been, after reports of an attack on Coral Depths

Talon is proficient in several types of martial arts, and his lightsaber style is unique, consisting of every different kind of form rolled into one.

Appearance Edit

Talon Reaver 2

Talon focusing the force to launch lightning.

Talon 2

Talon sparring with his longtime friend Rhade Karson.


Talon while focusing the force, to launch a destructive "bomb" of energy.

Talon Reaver

Talon's appearance when he sucumbs to the dark side and unleashes his anger.


Talon in space combat armor, before a drop onto Mon Calamari.

Talon is 6' 2 and 220 lbs. He had short brown hair and brown eyes. He is very well built, with quite a bit of muscle mass, due to intense training. He appears to always be ready, his muscles never fully relaxing, even when asleep.

Background Edit


Talon after the Matelli virus mutated his genetic make up, making him a Lycanthrope.

Talon grew up on Tynna, a quiet, reserved, shy child. He never knew much about his past, as far as anyone around him knew; he never spoke about. There wasn't much for him to do except play in the orchards with his friend Erad'De Evatl. When Talon was 15, a civil war broke out between the Crimson G-HOD and Rhodigans Templar Knights. Talon signed up with the Knights, to protect his home and people, and was thrown into routine patrols as a grunt. On one patrol, just like so many before it, an RPG locked on, and hit their ship. It plunged towards the wasteland, and crashed in the Kardigan Desert, with only 6 survivors. They all set out into the desert, with whatever they could carry. After 1 week in Grey had died from dehydration and Barker given up and fallen down. He didn't move again. Another man, Rodney was bitten by a snake and died 2 days later. 3 weeks had passed since the crash, with no hope of rescue in sight. Talon woke up to see Halsey crouched near Farley’s body, stealing food. He tried to kill Talon with his combat knife. He had no choice; Talon raised his rifle and fired, killing him instantly. After a quick search, he discovered Farley was dead. Farley was buried and he moved on. 4 days later, with no rations or water, Talon felt weary, the loneliness of the desert beckoning him to lie on its warm, smooth surface. He fell after walking for miles, resisting, but finally giving in to the urge. Before he passed out he saw a figure, then the whole world went black.

He awoke several hours later, bandages wrapped around his chest. The man said he'd found Talon while collecting water from his well. Talon stared at the woman that was leaning against a wall watching him; she seemed awfully familiar. And then it hit him; it was Erad'De. He found out she had been rescued by Itbul Das, after their village was overrun. Talon was overjoyed to see her and spent the next few days catching up. But his joy was short lived Two weeks later as he was sitting in a tree almost fully recovered, he heard a scream. He quickly grabbed his gun and ran as fast as he could back towards the camp. With hesistant footsteps, he arrived to see Das sitting against a wall, blood dripping down over his fingers that were covering a severe chest wound. "Talon…raiders came and took Erad'De…you must go after them…they went south-west. Can't help you, my time’s up…take this (he handed Talon his Lightsaber and credits, and his hand fell limp)…when your done go to Taris and seek out Kip Harper, he'll help you…now go I wish to be alone." He leaned back, and was still. Talon took his stuff and headed towards the camp on Das’ swoop. As he snuck in he discovered Erad'De tied to a post. He quickly freed her, tears welling up in his eyes. Her wounds showed she was dying, and Talon knew it all to well. She smiled at him, then hugged him. She put her head on his shoulder and whispered. "I love you. Find a man named Fern Hondar. I'm sorry." Then silence. Tears spilling onto the ground, he laid her body down.

He pulled out Das’ Lightsaber and headed into the main part of the camp, certainty in his steps and pure, unfaltering rage in his eyes. The first few raiders didn't see it coming. Then more came as a bloody massacre began. Talon was like a blur until there was nothing left, bodies everywhere. Collecting Erad'De and Das' dead bodies and all the gear from the camp, he headed to Hilwren. There he hired a vessel to take his cargo and him to Taris. On arrival he devoted all his time to finding Harper. He was upset and unfocused, so it took more time than it should have. Finally he did, and Harper helped arrange a funeral after hearing the sad news; afterwards he invited Talon to stay with him and offered him a job. His luck was still the same though. 3 months later Talon found out that Harper had been killed in a gang firefight. He had left Talon his things and ship, so Talon took them, sold his house, and left, heading to the core worlds to find Fern Hondar. After a while he'd made a small fortune and decided to put it all in a bank on Dantooine for safekeeping.

On Alderaan a month later, he met a Gray Jedi Master named Yurt who wished Talon to be his Padawan. He felt the force flowing through Talon in an unchecked stream. Talon accepted, and became a Gray Jedi. He learned much while he was with Yurt, and even attained the rank of Knight. But his luck finally gave out and Yurt was killed while defending Alderaan from an invading force. Although his actions were heroic, and were not in vain. Yurt was shot down, but somehow managed to crash his starfighter into the bridge of the enemies flagship, and in doing so, destroyed it. After that Talon left, and began wandering around doing odd jobs throughout the universe, not knowing where he was headed most of the time. He met a man named Jan’shyr Ronin on Taris a year later. After a short time there the planet came under attack and as he was away it was destroyed by nuclear bombs.

Talon met up with Ronin on Mon Calamari, and they began to rebuild their old lives. But fate had other plans; Talon met even more misfortune as he was twisted by the Dark side when he met up with an old friend who had joined the Sith after the last time they parted ways. After a few hours together, the Sith had taken over Talons mind and forced him to take his friend Ronin hostage, in a bid to cause Chaos. After a large-scale battle, which killed thousands and wounded even more, Talon retook control of his mind and drove Daka from Coral Depths. He was forced to pursue him however, when he found out that Daka had taken his daughter. He tracked him to a deserted moon, and after a long battle, he made Talon make the ultimate choice. Talon embraced the Dark side, giving in to his rage, and snapped Dakas spinal cord in half. He then took his body aboard his ship and headed to the abandoned Cron Drift to sort things out and revive Daka.

Daka had fully healed after a couple of months, and the two brothers in arms set off to destroy the New Republic and any others who stood in the way of their logical peace. He was called to answer for his crimes, and sent a clone of himself to Mon Calamari to go to his trial. Meanwhile Talon went looking for his inner self, to make peace with his mind over the things he had done. After a time of their resistance, and an exiling by his evil clone, Talon was dropped on one of Wayland's moons by Heinrich. He was stranded for a long while until he was rescued by his friend Rhade, who had seen through Heinrichs ruse. Talon retook his faction and army again, in a rage that scared even him, forcing Heinrich to flee. After living in the Cron Drift for a while, Talon decided to keep the Sol Republic there, and started working on expanding his nation.

Luck was against them though, and they were chased out by Jan'shyr Ronin, at which point they fled to Abraxin where they began rebuilding. They continued living there, along with the millions, possibly billions, of citizens the Sol Republic had accumulated. Daka and Talon had to stop the war though, and managed to talk out a peace treaty with the New Republic, in a meeting on Honoghr. He had feared his friend Ronin, after they were back on good terms, dead when Ronin faked his own death after an incident. But he found him still alive, and had him smuggled off world to safety. Talon his another spot of misfortune though. While working on a cure to a virus that was sweeping the universe out rim, Talon was exposed to the Matelli virus. It radically mutated his genetic makeup, and left him completly different. He was a Lycanthrope, all traces of his former human self gone until he could find a cure.

Talon met and travelled around with a woman named Arai for some time, after a ball on Bastion. He later met a woman on Aargau, while visiting it, and fell in love with her.

Abilities Edit

Ryu 420px

Talon while practicing combat techniques during a training session.

Force Powers: Force Speed | Telekinesis (Force Push/Pull, Jump/Leap) | Force Wind | Force Storm (Wormhole) | Animal Friendship | Force Healing | Droid Disable | Battle Meditation | Breath Control | Force Comprehension

Natural Abilities: Parkour(free running)

Weapons, Gear & Armor Edit

Weapons: 4 lightsabers (Blue hue/Orange hue/2 golden hue | Dual phase with dual crystals employing bifurcating cyclical-ignition pulse for underwater use and to extend the blades' length | Carried on his belt) | Lynx Assault Rifle (Carried on his back) | Eclipse Assault Rifle w/scope (Carried on his back) | Double-bladed gray lightsaber (Carried on his belt) | Naboo Tooke (Named Fluffy | Pet) | Naboo Narglatch (Named Felix | Pet) | Corellian Sand Panther (Named Fenris | Pet)

Gear: Otter Combat Armor | CDA 1000(Caterack Data Accessory) | Neural Implants which allow interfacing with computers or AIs

Fleet(s) Edit

[1] [2] [3] 5 ''Phoenix''-class Colony Ships "Letum" (Heavy; Flagship)

Magnetic Accelerator Cannon
4000 Archer Missiles
50mm point defense guns (80)
Heavy Deck Guns (30)
Tractor beam projectors (8: 3 fore, 2 port, 2 starboard, 1 aft)

[4] 48 Whitecloak Starfighters "Red Dawn" (Starfighter)

Light laser cannons (2)
Concussion missile launchers (2)
- 8 missiles each

[5] The Wargerbil Aerial/Orbital Dropship (Dropship)

Concussion missile launchers (2)
- 8 missiles each; or
- 4 thermonuclear warheads
Flak Cannon, small version (2)
Mounted Chaingun, for defense while unloading troops in hot areas. (1)
Clamps - 8 speeders/swoops, 4 small ground vehicles, or 2 large ground vehicles
Troop Bay - 50 seated + 20 standing
Cockpit - room for 5 + 2 standing

Ground Forces Edit

300 Heavy class vehicles (15m+)

- 300 HAVw A5 Juggernauts

4250 Light class vehicles (0-10m)

- 850 Flare-S Swoops
- 850 Flitknot Speeder Bikes
- 850 Zephyr-G Swoop Bikes
- 850 BARC Speeder Bikes
- 850 74-Z Speeder Bikes

35 NPC Generals

- 5 Fallen Jedi/Sith/Grey Masters (Fleet Admiral Harper | Fallen Master Spark | Corporal Hudson | Private Wilkes | Private Smith)
- 30 Fallen Jedi/Sith/Grey Knights

500 Commando Troops

- 500 SIERRA(Sol Infantry Enforcement Resistance Armed) Otters

5000 Elite Troops

- 5000 Sol Marines

50 000 Standard Troops

- 50 000 Sol Soldiers

Abraxin's Planetary Defences Edit

Ground Forces:

300 Heavy class vehicles (15m+)
600 Medium class vehicles (10-15m)
1000 Light class vehicles (0-10m)
50 NPC Generals
1000 Commando Troops
- 1000 Abraxian Otters
5000 Elite Troops
- 5000 Abraxian Marines
50 000 Standard Troops
- 50 000 Abraxian Soldiers

Planetary Emplacements:

3 – Heavy Surface-to-Space emplacements
1 – Shield per city/base/significant holding ()


2 Orbital Defense Platforms per planet
- 2 MAC Cannon Platforms (Atlantis | Camelot)

Accomplishments Edit

Talon was a Sith, but renounced his evil ways and joined the Jedi for his wife. He later decided to become a Gray Jedi after his wife was killed due to the Jedi's action, then eventually became a Fallen Jedi through a series of unfortunate events.
He has a daughter named Erad'De Reaver.

Started the Sol Republic and the Sol Space Command, which is the Space counterpart of the Sol Republic; brought together Mandalorian Clan Kyr'bes; founded the IRC(Incubus Reaver Corporation) and all of its sub-factions:

- Dobie Intergalactic Bank
- Titan Shipyards
- Reach Vehicle Corp
- Harvest Arms Corp
- AMG (Amber Mercenary Group)
- BioTech Industries

Masters and Apprentices Edit


Jedi Master Orion Brawler-KIA
Gray Jedi Master Yurt Onasozzi


Fallen Jedi Master Daka Drassar Incubus
Sith Advocate Griffin Radacus
Nalfein Von Gante Saurav
Dark Jedi Vlademere Hellfire

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